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Humboldt County/ Eureka CA.

PichuuPichuu Joined: Posts: 3
Trying to find some local matches/ community around the Humboldt county/eureka Ca area to have fun and level up. Mainly play SFV but I'm down for any of the older capcom fighters(sf2, sf3, sf4, mvc2). Hmu


  • OmegamarthOmegamarth Joined: Posts: 89
    There is no humboldt FGC. I know there's some sort of smash bros thing at HSU, but thats as close as it comes. We don't even got Tekken 6 at Tilt anymore.

    I'm leaving this dump. Lemme know in the next week or so if you wanna play a set of SFV or anything, because after that I'm gone with the wind.
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