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Solution to FightCade black bars?

I'm aware that having both players not press any button before a round starts helps preventing such issue. But did anyone ever attempt to solve it once and for all by removing the black transition entirely from the ROM itself (sfiii3.zip)? Maybe it involves a black sprite which can be made fully transparent and wouldn't even break FightCade's replays...

I've found two modding related programs for 3rd Strike called XCOPY and PalMod but none of them seemed to be "enough" to achieve this.

This is the problematic round transition I'm talking about:
And here's how it can negatively affect matches:


  • akuaku スピリチュアルやからね! Joined: Posts: 3,865
    Don't hit or mash buttons between rounds and before matches. This causes the black bars and even cause the whole screen to become black.
    aku wrote: »
    Don't hit or mash buttons between rounds and before matches. This causes the black bars and even cause the whole screen to become black.
    well yes ok I kinda wrote it on the first line
  • IglooBobIglooBob Bob the builder Joined: Posts: 4,039
    I think it's frowned upon in the emulation community to hack a rom to compensate for inaccurate emulation or netcode causing issues. That was a bigger thing in the early days of emulation but not so much now.
  • sidewindersidewinder Stiff Arm... Joined: Posts: 667 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    The best solution for those stupid black lines is not to play shitcade at all , it worked for me .just saying. :wink:
    im not that good , but there's always room for improvement... i think
  • SpoRSpoR SpoR Joined: Posts: 350
    I mean the mashing of buttons between rounds might not even matter. People always say it just to be safe, but they also used to think if you challenge someone its best to let them challenge you back and both accept each other (cross challenge) rather than just 1 person chal and 1 accept. The theory is that it gives more attempts to connect 2 people, but who knows if it actually worked. Maybe it was just GGPO being shitty.

    There have been times where I mashed the fuck out of buttons and no lines, and times where neither of us touched anything and have bars or even black screen entirely.

    If we were to assume it was a sprite loading issue, wouldnt we also expect to see this kinda thing happen when moves were first displayed on screen during mashing?
  • TebboTebbo Play. Joined: Posts: 5,711
    its just the transition getting stuck because of latency related issues.
    the game thinks its at one point then gets information that it should be at another and so it skips, just like any kind of skip/rollback in ggpo.

    the problem is similar to the KO overlay sprite. in that case the KO lasts until the scene resets.
    with the bars they last until the scene transitions again (to char select) because the game likely has no clean up of that transition as it was never designed for a situation where the transition wouldn't complete (never made for running over a network and syncing clients).
    Play more.
  • DominicanPowerDominicanPower Shit Iz Real Joined: Posts: 1,076
    Don't play with laggy connections.
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