New Theory On SJW's



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    holy shit i didn't expect this outcome when i skipped to the last page.
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    I wonder if I should google or not google gamer gate.
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    If you needed this video to figure this stuff out, you've really got problems of your own. ;)
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    The only thing I dont like about SJWs is they only complain about americas problems, ive never seen one trying to help anyone in any other country. Not to mention how bad 3rd world countries are compared to 1st world.

    For me it's. Social Justice would be helping people find work helping the less fortunate helping an old woman cross the street helping a homeless person. Not screaming on YouTube saying "everything is racist everything is homophobic" getting people fired from their jobs for making political cartoons they don't agree with etc.

    It's not a legitimate movement at all in my eyes. It's regressive, it's misguided There are so many problems in this world that need addressed. Pollution, wars for profit, curing diseases.

    Social Justice is the idea that a fair and just relationship can exist between an individual and society. As an example, when transgender individuals like myself have to deal with assholes screaming about how I can't take a shit in a Walmart bathroom, or if no one takes me seriously because I don't pass(at all; I don't; I have to do my best to look like the kawaiiest, fiercest sumo wrestler ever; it sucks), there are transphobic problems in our culture. When black people are more likely to die from police violence and face harsher penalties for minor infractions starting from kindergarten, there are racist problems in our culture. When queer youth are more likely to face being kicked out and face issues like homelessness and drug addiction and so on, there are homophobic problems in our culture.

    Fighting pollution, war, disease, eight button layouts(six or ten or bust), etc. are all important. When people open up to the problems they face, not just traditionally oppressed people either, we should listen too. White heterosexual men who feel like they have to conform to macho ideals about what it means to be a man, for instance, aren't getting a fair shake of it. These aren't mutually exclusive goals either. We can fight the horribleness of corruption in the banking sector while also making sure that I can take a shit at Walmart and that

    The problem social justice has is two fold. One, is that ideas of what aspects of social justice is, like what feminism is or what the trans identity is all about, often get out ahead of the reality of what that actually means. So we have idiots posting on twitter, "LOL #triggered" when they have no idea what that actually means, or what the arguments actually are(as a long aside, my favorite post I've ever seen from an anti-SJW type was something like, "Toxic masculinity? That's for pussies. Do they even lift?"). Two, is that a lot of our culture these days is wildly combative and it's not just SJWs who are shrill shrieking assholes. It's everyone. Because that's how we're taught how to argue and fight. So it's easy, for example, to clip out of context pieces of Chanty Binx, but ignore the fact that she was talking about freeing men from regressive ideas of what it means to be a man in the first place and how feminism is great for men too.
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