The (hella good) KOF14 Gameplay Discussion Thread

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*needs an experienced KOF player to type up a good guide/ntro+rules for this thread*. This will go in the first post and credit given accordingly.

Placeholder rules until they are fleshed out:

1.) this is for gameplay discussion only. No discussion about art, characters, stages, music, etc. try to avoid jokey/spammy posts or anything not strictly related to gameplay, but some humor is afforded if relevant to gameplay discussion.

2.) try to save very basic, simple gameplay questions and discussion for the general discussion thread.

3.) stay on topic

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    Inb4 thread closed because there's already one for kof14
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    inb4 this thread gets nowhere because the game hasn't been released yet.
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    Then people should stop complaining
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    Thread moved to the KOF forum. : My giant archive of fighting game videos, centered around MvC2.
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