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  • TheShendTheShend Sean Powa! Joined: Posts: 766
    Cheers aku ^_^

    I forgot about an unknown Ken at 3:25, you wouldn't happen to know his name too?

    Many Thanks
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  • akuaku スピリチュアルやからね! Joined: Posts: 3,865
    Kyo Tsukai (KE) "Kyo Player" (another KOF reference)
  • HeLGeN-XHeLGeN-X Pro Kramer Joined: Posts: 351
    I want to update that Monkey House and Subculture are now gone (sad, because I moved right between both of them at the time of their demise, noooo!!!" Deshiken is now playing at Game Greenland (ゲームグりんランド)
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