hey guys

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what's going on in this thread? ;)
KOForever WHY IS 14 SO UGLY whyyyy is alex's neutral stance so ugly


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    hello I like video games and candy

    I used to have hermit crabs they were awesome

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    yo I like video games and candy TOO! what kinds of candy do you like? I like lots but especially sour candy and dark chocolate
    KOForever WHY IS 14 SO UGLY whyyyy is alex's neutral stance so ugly
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    Why is this northwest section dead...
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    Seattle Battlegrounds in 2 weeks. Who's going?
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    I'm starting to wonder if this was what the section was like in late 07, right before I found it, a lot of games happened from 08-2017.

    Still waiting to be accepted to the facebook group... I wonder if SRK will surge again when a big game drops.
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