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I am the greatest - experience at Taito Station

LakercronoLakercrono Joined: Posts: 309
I'm in Tokyo for work, and happened to walk by Taito Station in Shibuya last night, so decided to check it out. I haven't been on this forum for a year, and haven't played SF4 for even longer than that, but decided to throw down for a 100 Yen. I played pretty bad, dropping combos left and right, but miraculously went undefeated against Japan's best (sarcasm) on my way to finishing the game (3-0). I'm surprised I was even able to finish the game - I suppose I should have stalled longer on the horrible CPU opponents (the CPU is on level 1, literally double perfect on them all).

In summary, I went undefeated in Japan and I'm the best around (queue Karate Kid theme music).


  • VarmintBabyVarmintBaby Joined: Posts: 688
    So you're saying you played against CPU or real opponents? I doubt you whooped Japanese street fighter players if you haven't played the game for over a year. That stuff is engrained in their culture. Not saying a Japanese player can't be beat. You gotta be good to though.....
    "Play the game to learn not to win. Do this and winning will start to come all on its own." - some smart guy
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