Don's Arcade aka Astro City: Torrance/Carson Fridays 8pm-3am



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    Tonight we shall have a gathering from 8pm to 3am. Anyone and everyone is invited. The more the merrier. I'll be going around to ask for the $5 E Fee so please have it ready when I ask. Anyone new who wishes to join us please text me at 310 344 9367.

    All of these arcade games are on Sega Astro City Head To Head Japanese arcade cabinets.

    Third Strike (4 setups)
    Super Turbo
    Darksoft CPS-2: Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Vampire Savior, Xmen Vs Street Fighter or another Super Turbo
    Capcom VS SNK 2

    So here are the following games I will have on two PS4's setups. One is on a H2H Delta 32 Arcade Cabinet and the other has a Ben Q monitor:

    Ultra SF4
    Tekken 7
    Guilty Gear XRD Revelator R2
    BlazBlue Central Fiction
    Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round
    Skullgirls 2nd Encore

    I provide Mad Catz TE2 sticks for the Ben Q setup. BUT NOW YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BRING YOUR OWN PADS AND STICKS YAY:)

    All the games are already downloaded onto the console so all you have to do is pick which one you want. It's first come first serve on what game you guys decide to play from the list. Yay we got variety here now:)

    Checkout the Facebook Group:

    Hope to see y'all tonight:)
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