New to the FGC. Any locals or players near the Haines City, FL area?

DissigiaDissigia Seven Minutes Is All I Can Spare To Play With YouJoined: Posts: 7
I'm new to the FGC, and am looking to find other people to play with. I'm located in Haines City, FL and don't drive or own a vehicle.
I'm new at trying to learn fighting games and am looking for people to play and get some local experience from. As far as fighting games go, I play uMvC3, SFV, and Tekken.
PS3: UMvC3, MvC2, TTT2, VF5:S, DOA5:LR, MK9
PS4: Injustice
STEAM: MK9, Injustice, SFV, KOF 2002 Unlimited Match
Xbox/ Windows 10 = Killer Instinct, TTT2

Steam Profile =
PSN ID = St3v3n092
XBL Gamertag = Streetracer096

I play more than just fighting games, but considering this is a FG website, those are what I play and the platforms I have them on.
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