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Research on input delay in 3rd strike

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I don't play Street Fighter V but I have been keeping an eye on its news to see if it's worth getting into (probably not). I read how it has 8 frames of input lag (unintentional).

So you see something and react to it, but it doesn't happen until 8 frames later? That's disgusting.

Does anyone know how much input lag 3rd strike has? This includes even the delay for the electrical signal to travel through the wires. Technically there has to be some delay. I imagine its no more than 2 frames?

I always see 3rd strike as having zero input lag, which is really important for every aspect of the gameplay. For example Q is pretty reliant on having no input lag. I am curious if the tests done for Street Fighter V can be done 3s as well?


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    the short version is that arcade and OE have 3-4F of input lag, depending on where your input lands in the frame. other versions of the game have a little more. keep in mind that our sample size wasn't huge and that at the time we didn't consider stick input lag at all. so if our test PCB adds extra lag to PS2, then we'd be unfairly blaming the port for what is really a stick PCB thing. at this point, with currently available technology + the cost of acquiring things + the limited utility of more accurate tests, I don't think we'll test anything again. at the very least, we can be sure that arcade and OE both have 3-4 frames of lag, which is good enough for comparison sake.

    Isotopez says that going by the rule of significant figures, that we should accurately say "3s has 4f of lag" but I'm not a scientist and I have no idea what that means. maybe that's helpful to someone.
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    It depends on how far away from the screen you are.
    I go in circles.
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