[SFV] Looking for North American Players for Training (PC/PS4)

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Hello, I'm starting a noob2pro series recording my entry into the FGC with the title SFV.

I'm looking for vets or well rounded players to spar with and get input from. I have one player in the top 50 that can help review VODs but I would really want someone to grow with as a sparing partner(s)

Please be available during the day, as I work nightshift (CDT)
I'm available most days M-Fri between 1pm-5pm CDT

I would prefer Skype or Discord for communication:
Skype - aodan.twitch
Discord - Aodan#3628

Thank you


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    I am back in NY for the summer and just got my hands of SF5 and it is real addicting.
    Let me know if you want to play, I want to get as much matches in and learn the game as fast as possible. Been playing Street fighter forever and I arrived 5 months late for SF5. Let me know if you want to train.
    I'll add you on skype yea?

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