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Hey, everybody! I've been working on a fighting game concept for a while now and we're preparing to start producing the game. Before we move forward with this idea and invest more time and money I'd love to present this to the amazing Shoryuken community and see what you all think of the concept.




  • Zero Gravity Combat
  • 1-4 players (free-for-all or teams)
  • HD 2D characters
  • 3D hand painted Sci-Fi/Fantasy environments


Left Analog = move
Right Analog = switch target
X = linear attack (A)
A = wide attack (B)
Y = exotic attack (C)
B = grapple
RB = shield
RT = dash
LT = super massive attack
Dpad = taunt

Shield Burst = Shield+A or Shield+B (break out of block strings, costs meter)
Block Grappling = Shield+Grab (hold to block grabs)
Quantum Shift = Press Dash during any attack (except super) to extend your combo (costs meter)
Perfect Shield = Press Shield at the precise moment of impact. Reduces shield stun, reflects projectile, no effect on Shield Gauge.
  • Your attacks change depending on your proximity to your opponent. There are 3 ranges: close (punches and kicks), far (fireballs and lasers), and clinch (knees and elbows).
  • Tilt the stick in any direction to modify your attacks. I.E., tilt up+A, or tilt down+A, or tilt left+A, or tilt right+A=sidekick.
  • Most characters have A/B strings.
  • You can cancel A/B attacks into C attacks, you can cancel C attacks into super.
  • Shield Burst cancels shield stun and pushes nearby opponents away. It also destroys projectiles.
  • Quantum Shift cancels your current attack and forces you to dash forward. Useful for extending combos, not good for making your attacks safe.
  • I'd like to include an option for motion inputs (f, d, df+button) and double-tap to dash.

Close Combat
When you are in close proximity to your target you will automatically switch to Close Combat mode. You will have access to punches, kicks, and other close range techniques.

Far Combat
When you are far away from your target you will automatically switch to Far Combat Mode. You will have access to various projectiles and other long range attacks.

Clinch Combat
When you are extremely close to your opponent you can press the Grapple button to put them into a clinch. Some characters can grab from a distance. When in the clinch your will have access to unique clinch attacks.


(A.) Character Name

(B.) Health Points
Displays current health points. Whenever you take damage a portion of your lost health can be regenerated.

(C.) Shield Gauge
Blocking attacks will weaken your shields. The Shield Gauge will begin blinking when it is close to running out; if knocked to zero, the character will suffer a dizzy-like state known as Shield Overload, where they are staggered and left open to attack.

(D.) Energy Gauge
Powers special abilities such as Shield Burst, Quantum Shift, and Super Massive Attacks.

(E.) Fight Clock
Once the clock reaches zero you'll enter a sudden death mode. Possibly stage dependent, I.E. meteor showers, orbital bombardment, summon space demons, etc.


There is a straightforward combo limit of 8 points that is indicated below the combo counter.
  • Multi-Hitting attacks count as one point. I.E. a move initiated with a single button press that hits x5 only counts as 1 point toward the combo limit.
  • Performing a Quantum Shift will raise the combo limit to 10 points. You are only allowed to use a Quantum Shift once per combo.
  • Once you reach the combo limit your opponent will become temporarily invincible during hit stun until they return to neutral position. Depending on which attack you end your combo with this could lead to a frame-trap opportunity.

Press the shield button at the moment an attack makes an impact. When performed successfully it will reduce shield stun and won't drain your shield gauge. It also reflects projectiles.

Thanks in advance everybody :D
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