Fighting Game Night @ Zanbeer Sept. 6th & 13th, in K-town, LA [SFV]

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Hey people, so recently a friend and I got in contact with a sports bar/restaurant owner who wants to hold game night events at his bar on a weekly basis. While we both play a lot of fighting games we haven't actually run a tournament before so we're going to do two trial-run 16 entrant limited Street Fighter V tournaments to get a feel for the details. The long term goal is to scale up to weekly events and maybe multiple games with basically as many people as the restaurant can reasonably hold. You can check out a lot of the details on the facebook page and if you'd like to check it out please RSVP so we can get an idea of the interest:

But, for those that do not have facebook here's all the details:
Zan Beer
3377 Wilshire Blvd, # 200
Los Angeles, CA 90010

– 6:00PM: Casual play begins
– 7:30PM: Tournament play begins

Fight Passes/Entry Fees (cash only, please!)
– A-Tier ($5): Access to casual play all night
– S-Tier ($15): Competition entry, plus all night access to casual play

Tournament entrants will be capped for this event to ensure the event finishes on time. Please e-mail to pre-register and reserve your spot if you plan to compete! (Pre-registered competitors save 20% on the entry fee.)

Games will be played on PlayStation 4 – please bring your own controller! (Bring a PS4 pad if you plan to use a Legacy controller.)

Casual play is subject to console availability. Tournament matches will be given priority on all consoles after tournament begins at 7:30 – arrive early to get more casual matches in!

For a copy of official tournament rules or any other questions about this event, please send an e-mail to, or find us on twitter at

This event, its organizers, and Zan Beer are not affiliated with CAPCOM. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Just speaking on my own opinion, the venue itself is really nice inside, it's really roomy, clean, and well kept. The owner is providing gaming monitors(BenQ's) and PS4s but you will need to bring your own controller. We will allow legacy controllers for casuals, but of course in interest of fairness, for the tournament that will not be allowed. If anyone has any questions, you can ask here, twitter:, or on facebook

To the mods, I'm cross-posting this here since the tournaments and events section seems to get very little traffic, but if this should only be in one section or the other, I understand.
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