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    2/23 - 3/2: Safety Measures
    1. Select "Bustling Side Street" stage.
    2. Hit the high neon sign tiles till all are broken and dim.
    3. Finish the round.

    Reward: 5000 FM unlocked.

    For this week's FM grind
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    Remember that dress.

    Watch Ken's character story epilogue. Maybe do first fight. 5k unlocked
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    When is the 30000 FM gonna be?

    They said in the month of August.
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    Legend II wrote: »
    When is the 30000 FM gonna be?

    They said in the month of August.

    If I recall correctly, it was to be near the actual anniversary date which is Aug. 30th. They haven't mentioned anything more about it since Comic-Con...

    I suspect/hope there will be another content announcement (maybe something a little bigger than costumes) that will be added to the anniversary costume update on the 29th, and in that announcement they'll say to log in after the 29th to collect the 30k.
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    A short tailed bat colony:
    1. Select Versus mode.
    2. Select "Forgotton Waterfall" stage.
    3. Knockdown your opponent repeatedly in the far right corner until bats fly out of the cave.
    4. No need to send your opponent into the coffin.

    Reward: 5000 FM unlocked.
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    Some days day give us missions worth of 100 FM, some days it is 500 FM missions. Does anyone know when it is 500?
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    I dunno. I just do 'em once a week regardless.

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    DarthEnder wrote: »
    I dunno. I just do 'em once a week regardless.

    Friday is the day you get the 5000+1000 ones, the rest is crap

    A decent way to do some FM is reaching lv25 with characters when i want theyr 14th color

    Fights give FM and each level is 1000 iirc (then i spend 10k for the 14th color, but this is another story lol)

    Do all trials give FM too iirc, last i completed was Abigail's few days ago but i don't remember for sure

    Also if one day they will fix Survival to be less long/retarded i have still ALL hard ones to do (what was? 30k?)
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