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Looking for Street Fighter 5 players to learn from for regular online casual matches.

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edited November 2016 in Midwest
I'm not sure about where i should put this thread on this forum so if this needs to be put in a different section, please go ahead and move it moderators.My name is Julian. I'm new here and really hate making threads like this, but i am looking for street fighter v players to practice and learn from. Me and a good friend of mine are constantly looking to get better at this game and I am seeking diverse players to spar against within the Detroit/ Michigan area. Even if your not in the local area, someone equally or more skilled would be fine. My psn is Sleepy_Ninja313. My fighter ID is SleepyNinja313. My ranked status is Rookie.

Please add me on psn in regards or reply in this thread.
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  • BubbledotjpgBubbledotjpg Joined: Posts: 282
    Hey there is a huge detroit scene just check on facebook.
  • SilentJay313SilentJay313 Joined: Posts: 5
    Hey there is a huge detroit scene just check on facebook.

    Unfortunately i don't have the time to make it to any of those events due to college & job constraints. The plum hollow lanes event on monday i cant make it to because of school, going to Schoolcraft College or East Lansing would be a hassle for me, and i can't make it out to westland either. I guess i'm S.O.L.
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