SRK Member Bishop "ShatterStar" Wagner Passed Away.



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    RIP Brother..

    Just because I lost... doesn't mean I was defeated
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    Rip :(
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    RIP to an OG.
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    edited December 2016
    Only talked to him a few times through the DmC thread and called or texted him once while he was in the hospital. I remember watching his 40 minute rant video about how badly DmC is going to suck when it launches lol.

    My mom just flew to London last week to visit her mom since she was diagnosed with cancer and starts chemo on the 15th. RIP fellow SRK'er, at least now this negro is installed in heaven.
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    P. gorath said: seriously though, it really crystalized how much better mvc3 is than that game. "Oh look, commando vs. 3 characters...this will be excitin--zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzz"
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    RIP Shatterstar
    You have been weighed.
    You have been measured.
    And you have absolutely...
    Been found wanting.
    Welcome to the New World. God save you, if it is right that he should do so.
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    Rest in peace fellow fighting game community member. Condolences to family and friends.

    Should we have an SRK memorial something or another for all FGC members from past to present?
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    Damn man. RIP dude.
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    Very heavy to hear. He had a massive impact on me continuing to come here and keep playing FGs almost a decade ago. Dude was legit supportive, and one of the best from the Image Mishmash days...

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    On a personal note, I checked in last night to see if there was any update, and saw DG and Pertho scrambling. I was hoping this wasn't a sign of the worst.

    It was. :sad:

    I fucking hate this shit.
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    Saw that he passed via @Missing Person Came by to pay my respects. RIP.
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    dab00g wrote: »
    He will live on forever as a meme nobody will ever understand

    Negro Install

    Fucking retard
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    Very sorry to hear this news. Rest in peace, king.
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    RIP, he had a great attitude through the entire experience and seemed like a real stand up guy.
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    Goddammit, man. I was watching his progress and pulling for him; I really believed he could beat this after he knocked it on its ass and from what I saw in the thread he did too. Not once did I notice his morale falter...he was practically laughing in the face of cancer and he was awesome for it - a sign of true strength and fortitude.

    2016 really is ass, we seem to have lost so many in the community this year and it never gets any easier.

    Rest easy, Shatta...we'll take it from here...
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