SRK Member Bishop "ShatterStar" Wagner Passed Away.



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    Wow man RIP shatta this year took a lot great people from us
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    r.i.p shatterstar
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    Bah, this sucks. :( It was great hearing that he'd beaten the cancer the first time, so i guess I expected that he'd just be in remission and live life. Sad news to be sure...
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    Passing by to pay respects. Never really met the guy but I could tell he was well liked and a respected member of the community. R.I.P.
  • angryliberalangryliberal I beat cancer. Joined: Posts: 6,257
    Fuck. RIP Shatta. For real, fuck.
    Here's the thing, I beat cancer.
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    RIP. Never met him in person, but had fun talking about the best things in life (Transformers) with him over the years. :( : My giant archive of fighting game videos, centered around MvC2.
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    DoctaMario wrote: »
    Bah, this sucks. :( It was great hearing that he'd beaten the cancer the first time, so i guess I expected that he'd just be in remission and live life. Sad news to be sure...

    This news sucks.
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    I never knew this brother. From reading his posts, he seems like the type of cat I would've gone out of my way for.
    I missed an opportunity. He has my respect.
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    How was my last post "off topic"? I wasn't talking about a console...

    EDIT: was talking about a former SRKer who also loved CVS2
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    Sad news. I never spoke to the guy personally but always caught his a-cho posts, avatars, and NI shirts around from time to time. It was really cool seeing everyone pull together for this guy with the laptop, donations, and positive support.

    @Pertho If there's any way to donate for funeral costs/medical bills please let me know. I'd be more than willing to help out.

    RIP Shatta
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    I dont have any contact with shattas family so if they need financial help, i'd have no way to contact then about it unfortunately.
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    jimmy1200 wrote: »
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    Pertho wrote: »
    I dont have any contact with shattas family so if they need financial help, i'd have no way to contact then about it unfortunately.

    How about having someone who has him on Facebook contact them?

  • PerthoPertho The Runed One Joined: Posts: 20,915 mod
    If you guys want to and me to be a sort od official srk person to help im for it, but with the baby my schedule is ceazy. Dont know who wouls get the money and what they'd need it for.

    They might need money to help bury shatta though.
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    jimmy1200 wrote: »
    pertho attacked me first, saying i get all my life tips from 106th and park.
  • FoxBlazeFoxBlaze Lets get it. Joined: Posts: 64
    Never seen or meet this guy but from what it sounds like from everyone here, seems like a good person to me and I know what it's like to lose a loved one to cancer. RIP bro and my condolences to the family as well.
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    Never knew him personally nor met him in person but was lucky to read his posts and talked to him via this forum a decade ago. Really feel bad for a long time member to pass away.

    Heartfelt condolonces to his friends and family.
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    Rest in Peace Shatta.
  • JoshkazJoshkaz Princess Luna is my Waifu Joined: Posts: 15,009
    RIP Shatta. Never met the dude, but thrown him a text one time. Seemed like a real nice guy,.
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    A great guy. He'll be missed.
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    Very sad to hear about this. The days of IMM don't even seem like all that long ago to me. I hope he's at peace.
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    Truly sad, he was a staple in General Discussion and the Rap and Production threads.

    RIP Shatterstar
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    Y'know I think I'm going to dedicate a video to this man when Nier: Automata and DMC5 comes out. I'm sure he would love that as he's always been passionate about games with stylish combat.

    Got dammit man. I hate to see shit like this happen to good people.
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    didn't know the guy, but this is really sad.
    we lost one of our own.

    may his love for fighting games and the community live on through the rest of us.
    respects to his family, friends and everyone here on SRK paying tribute to this terrible loss.
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    Damn son. R.I.P My heart goes out to your family.
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    I never really knew Shatterstar but I've always seen him post some funny things throughout the years. SRK will never be the same. R.I.P.
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    RIP and condolences for his family.
  • Intuitive2011Intuitive2011 Cr.Mk XX Hadoken Joined: Posts: 3,363
    Don't know dude, but I have to pay respect to those who come from here. Always hurts to lose a fellow member of this awesome forum. :(
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    Never met him outside of here but always enjoyed his presence over the years, rip :(
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    You know I was trying to find a song to post in this thread for Shatterstar. I finally found it.


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    May he rest in peace in paradise.
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    I didn't know you personally Star, but the things you've said made me LOL on here plenty of times.
    You will be missed
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    damn, that's unexpected. as i haven't logged on in a bit, the last time i saw him post shit was looking good regarding the recovery; apparently, looking good/up really means flip a coin and hope for the best (but perhaps haven't not been so active recently kept me out of the loop regarding a turn of events).

    fuck that! never had any chance to seriously kick it with him but having been on srk since i was a young fucker, it's never easy to see a fellow rtsd enthusiast GGPO (no re).

    RIP - installer of the negro.

    Preppy wrote: »
    RIP. Never met him in person, but had fun talking about the best things in life (Transformers) with him over the years. :(

    i feel like i need to throw in a "WRONG!" followed by the quote from conan the barbarian, but the best things in life are not always to crush enemies, see them driven before you, or to hear the lamentations. sometimes robots just gotta get their shine on regardless of bitches yellin (crushing enemies is def in line with transformers tho, so bigups arnie).
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    Just seen this thread. I can't believe this. Fucking cant believe this.

    I kept saying aight im gona message him today but then id pause because i didnt want to emphasize illness. Nor seem shallow by not mentioning it.

    And now he's gone. I dont know anymore man. I fucking dont know.
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    Prayers go out to his family R.I.P
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    Rip brother.
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