Ryu Season 2



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    I feel the same way. I will checkout season 3 when it rolls through. It sucks to constanly play on your heels.
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    I guess that he is already too popular. Imagine if he was good as well.
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    Hello i read your post about Ryu since many time now and i decided to come say u hello ;)
    I m a Ryu s user and ofc i m also disapointed with all the nerf he got from s1.
    But i kept playing him and ofc it s like your are fighting constantly on your heels...
    With keeping fighting with him i adapted a lot and the mu who first seemed to be very hard , seems now more easy , for ex vs guile.
    But i get very very big issu vs Rog , it s just impossible to do something , vs a decent player.
    So do u have maybe some advise to help me ?
    Thx you for your next answer.
  • JustinAkatsukiJustinAkatsuki Joined: Posts: 195
    Hey if anyone wants to play my Ryu well my CFN is the same as my name on here JustinAkatsuki. Once June arrives will no longer be playing sf V until season 3 hits um the patch didn't really do anything to make me enjoy season 2 more. Ryu needed a bit more in my opinion even with his st LK coming back and just not looking forward to all of this for the rest of the year so yeah. I tried and became a decent player at this game atleast
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