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3rd Strike Arcade Version Extra Colors Unlock?

BradoshadoBradoshado Joined: Posts: 2
I'm sorry if this was answered by I ran a forum search and couldn't find anything.

Is it only a console version feature, the extra colors that you can do with Start+LP, Start+LK, etc.?

I saw online that if you beat the game with a character you unlock their Start button colors and I beat it with Ken and immediately went back to Character Select and held Start while pressing LP and I still got his regular red.


  • ChadChad Joined: Posts: 1,291
    That was on the PS2 version. 360 ver has those colors as well selected via a menu.
  • DevdanDevdan Joined: Posts: 538
    Console only. I was told they could be used in the Nesica version, but I never tried it.
  • BradoshadoBradoshado Joined: Posts: 2
    Thank you. Certain websites listed it under "3rd Strike - Arcade" and it was frustrating to keep trying and not get it to work.
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