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Winter Brawl 11 Results

miomio You have no dignity.Joined: Posts: 555
1. Nica K.O (Yang)
2. Exodus (Dudley)
3. EG | NYChrisG (Ryu / Yang)
4. Dankah (Makoto)
5. Therapist (Akuma)
5. FrankieBFG (Ken)
7. Gavin (Chun-Li)
7. Jibbo (Hugo)

Entrants: 64

Stream Archive:

Decent turnout for a supposedly "dead" game & a variety of characters in top 8. Nice commentary from Nica K.O, Exodus, Dankah, and maybe a few others. Congrats to the top finishers and thank you to everyone responsible for running this event!


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