SFV - Cancel Cr. MP Into QCB while down-backing?

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Hey all,

I was running through some practice sets with Bison, and I noticed something odd. Basically, it is this: if I am down-backing with Bison and I hit MP, I cannot seem to cancel into my Psycho Inferno ( QCB + MP ) for the life of me. I can cancel into Psycho Blast ( F + MP ) just fine from this position. And also, I can cancel into Psycho Inferno if I started the motion from down MP instead of down-back MP. But it seems like if I hit MP while pressing down-back, I cannot cancel into Inferno.

Not a huge deal I guess, as I need to commit to the special type before hitting Cr. MP anyway. But just surprised me.

Is this real, or am I just crazy? It's possible that my input gets slower when I have to go DB, D, DB, B in this case, and that I am missing the cancel window. But man, I was slamming that stick as fast as I could...

Any thoughts?


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    Your fingers are not used to the motion, hence you need to practice.
    I know from my own experience that I have trouble dp'ing from down back, because I only ever practiced that shit from neutral.
    Since I'm a lazy fuck that shit is haunting me now in Guilty Gear where I can't just mash corners.
    Add me for some Tekken 7 if you're from Europe.
    I'm not playing anything else these days:
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