Primal Rage reboot

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Has anyone thought of a Primal Rage reboot just like Killer Instinct?

Where do you picture it remade by? Iron Galaxy or Netherrealm Studios?

What about character suggestions? New characters.


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    You're all about reboots.

    I hate NRS games and IG hasn't done anything really impressive. Divekick was just a neat concept with some inside jokes and KI was another studio's game that they took over.

    Primal Rage wasn't a serious game, so seeking out some experienced fighting game studio would be pointless for a reboot. I honestly think the game did well because the graphics at the time were amazing. It would take significantly more effort than it's worth to impress people these days.

    I'd rather just see it get the re-release treatment that 3S got. Take the original arcade game, add GGPO and some extra content, release it on PSN, XBLA, and Steam.
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    There was a developer trying to pitch a Primal Rage sequel. I made a post about it:
    I'm making a fighting game!
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    would rather see a bloody roar reboot
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    PR2 was supposed to have giant ladies in it. Make all the characters that. Thanks in advance

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    Science has ruined dinosaurs forever, it would never work.
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    BTW, Primal Rage 2 is already playable on mame if people dont know it yet.
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