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Funny character interactions/special intros...



  • 16!16! Joined: Posts: 43
    Carnage win quote if he's on point at the end of the match and Wolverine was killed last "I'm the best there is at what you do, that's why they call me Carnage!"

    Ironman after beating X "Nice armor, who makes your upgrades" [or something to that extent]

    Sigma to Zero before the match "But, you're the last of the Dr.'s creations, Join me Zero, it's your destiny."
    Zero: Destiny or not, I still don't like you and I'll take you down maverick

    Ryu to X after a match: I sense the hado in you, but you're just a machine? [in reference to the secret Hadouken and Shoryuken capsules from Megaman X 1 and 2... I really hope A. X can straight up throw hadoukens and do shoryukens or B. Ryu makes a reference to it in a quote or C. it's in his ending]

  • ultrapowerlevelultrapowerlevel (SuperShadonic) Joined: Posts: 116
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    ^Dude. Do I have a surprise for you. You missed it. Try slowing down the first gameplay trailer and look at X's Laucher. It's a full on Shouryuken. You can even see one of his feet upward and one straight down like a Shouryuken. Don't know about the Hadouken though.

    X-Men probably aren't in initial game. However, if they come as DLC, Psylocke is present among them and let's assume we get a 2nd story mode. Would love an interaction between Psylocke and Dante.

    Psylocke on the driving seat of a bike speeding to insane levels with Dante on back seat.

    Dante be like: WHOOOAAH Slow down babe! (Like in DMC1 first cutscene)
  • DJBLKKZAND94DJBLKKZAND94 DJ/Fighter/Scratcher and Killer Joined: Posts: 444
    Venom/Eddie:*Distorted voice*Betcha ya didn't SEE this coming did you?

    DareDevil: Hmph presence feels like Spidey, but the bad breath I smell says different.
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  • DavidstarDavidstar KILLA KUEEN! Joined: Posts: 5,099
    Tvc had some interesting little bits.
    Like how if you stole rolls healing orb only mechanical characters would heal, others would be damaged.
    Also depending on your partner batsu's super would change , and Frank West super would change if he hit a giant character.
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  • VenomMelendezVenomMelendez All Hail M.O.D.O.K.! Joined: Posts: 803
    Venom/Eddie:*Distorted voice*Betcha ya didn't SEE this coming did you?

    DareDevil: Hmph presence feels like Spidey, but the bad breath I smell says different.

    Daredevil has always been able to tell Spider-Man and Venom apart though.
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  • willselesswillseless Joined: Posts: 2,999
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    Fou-lu and Thor interations would be cool.
    Fou-lu: Thy folly is immeasurable...
    Thor: Thou art mighty, beast...mighty enough to slay a god! But I am the Odinson...defender of Asgard...and master of Mjolnir! I am Thor...god of thunder...and of lightning!
  • Doctrine DarkDoctrine Dark Yum Yum Joined: Posts: 7,795
    I know Alberto said that X and Ultron talked during the character select screen. X basically said, "I'll protect all life", and Ultron likely said something indicating the opposite. He also noted that Chun-Li said, "It's been awhile since we both went all-out" when she was paired with Ryu.

    Just imagine the amount of different interactions we could have. I'm excited.
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  • JookeyJookey You have faced a knight, and lost! Joined: Posts: 201
    Adding interactions to the character select screen is actually pretty interesting.
  • NickRocksNickRocks Abuse The Meta Joined: Posts: 22,926
    Cable to Chris: YOU'RE sposeta be my replacement?
    Chris to Cable: Where do you get all those grenades?

    Venom to Everyone: We want to eat your brain!
    Chun-Li to Venom: eww you're gross

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  • ultrapowerlevelultrapowerlevel (SuperShadonic) Joined: Posts: 116
    Can anyone confirm if those character select qoutes have voice acting?
  • LoghornLoghorn Joined: Posts: 315
    edited May 2017
    Zero to X: "X, it's been a long while" or "Let's do it, X"!
  • PSYCH0J0SHPSYCH0J0SH Joined: Posts: 5,469
    I suppose Jack Baker and Gambit could have a funny interaction since they're both from Louisiana.

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  • ultrapowerlevelultrapowerlevel (SuperShadonic) Joined: Posts: 116
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    Dante Vs Psylocke

    Dante lies down behind Psylocke on his arm and looking at her rear.....

    Dante: Baaaaaibey Yeaaaah!....

    Psylocke slashes behind Dante almost hitting him and he evades.

    Psylocke: Your idiocy reminds me of Wade.

    Psylocke and Dante in one team.
    Rushing to the scene on a bike driven by Psylocke with Dante in back seat.

    Dante: Whooooahooo slow down baaaaaabe! (like the way he said to Trish in DMC1)

    After getting of the bike.

    Psylocke to Dante: Focus!

    X Vs Zero

    Zero: X. I will destroy you!
    X: I see. Very well Zero. I accept your challenge! I will fight you!

    X and Zero same team
    X: Let us join hands once more. Let's do this!
    Zero: Roger that! Let's go X!

  • shinquickmanshinquickman Joined: Posts: 1,860
    Not really feeling any of these X and Zero dialogues here.


    X: Zero? Don't tell me you're going Maverick again!?

    Zero: I always said your heart makes you weak in battle. Now I'll show you why.


    X: I'm sorry...

    Zero: Someday you may be better than even I am. But not today.
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  • GhostTearGhostTear MANGO NATION...FOX MCCLOUD...MANGO NATION Joined: Posts: 2,890
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    RR & Zero VS Thanos & Ultron

    RR: I want "zero" tolerance out of you for these chumps.
    Zero: Your jokes are getting old.

    Thanos: I will neuter the rodent.
    Ultron: I will download the Maverick.
  • GhostTearGhostTear MANGO NATION...FOX MCCLOUD...MANGO NATION Joined: Posts: 2,890
    Captain Marvel & Gamora VS Dormammu & Jedah

    Captain Marvel: Robots, vampires, and now gods?
    Gamora: Just another day on the job. "cocks gun"
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