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    Zero to X: "X, it's been a long while" or "Let's do it, X"!
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    I suppose Jack Baker and Gambit could have a funny interaction since they're both from Louisiana.

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    Dante Vs Psylocke

    Dante lies down behind Psylocke on his arm and looking at her rear.....

    Dante: Baaaaaibey Yeaaaah!....

    Psylocke slashes behind Dante almost hitting him and he evades.

    Psylocke: Your idiocy reminds me of Wade.

    Psylocke and Dante in one team.
    Rushing to the scene on a bike driven by Psylocke with Dante in back seat.

    Dante: Whooooahooo slow down baaaaaabe! (like the way he said to Trish in DMC1)

    After getting of the bike.

    Psylocke to Dante: Focus!

    X Vs Zero

    Zero: X. I will destroy you!
    X: I see. Very well Zero. I accept your challenge! I will fight you!

    X and Zero same team
    X: Let us join hands once more. Let's do this!
    Zero: Roger that! Let's go X!

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    Not really feeling any of these X and Zero dialogues here.


    X: Zero? Don't tell me you're going Maverick again!?

    Zero: I always said your heart makes you weak in battle. Now I'll show you why.


    X: I'm sorry...

    Zero: Someday you may be better than even I am. But not today.
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    RR & Zero VS Thanos & Ultron

    RR: I want "zero" tolerance out of you for these chumps.
    Zero: Your jokes are getting old.

    Thanos: I will neuter the rodent.
    Ultron: I will download the Maverick.
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    Captain Marvel & Gamora VS Dormammu & Jedah

    Captain Marvel: Robots, vampires, and now gods?
    Gamora: Just another day on the job. "cocks gun"
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