Eternal Champions Reboot\Soul Successor, Official. Vote now!

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Greetings FGC.

Michael Latham the Creator of Eternal Champions wants to know from you if we should bring back a game in the vein of Eternal Champions?
We currently have the opportunity with a team of FG vets, former Sega\SNK\Namco to do a new fighter, and we personally want to hear from you if you think we should do this.

Please post your opinions, feedback, and constructive thoughts if we were to approach this kind of project, and what you the FGC would like to see?

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The Eternal Champion

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    Um yes?lol,new fighting games are always welcome around these parts.would be cool to see an updated version of EC or atleast updated looking successor
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    So on a serious note, We need more feedback. Looking to get the community involved as much as possible.

    What would everyone like to see in a new fighter, there is such a pallet of offerings already available, its really rough even for a legacy IP to stand out amongst the crowd when the fanbase has already so many great offerings. So what would everyone like to see in such a game? What would get your blood pumping, not just gameplay have you, overall offering?
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    This part of the forum is very slow.
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