Kolon update - stick stopped working

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Hey, I got TE arcade stick from ps3 and of course it worked as a legacy controller on my SFV on ps4 but after Kolin update it stopped working. I click as always legacy controller but its not working. Why is that any help?!


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    I know what you mean.
    Well not exactly as my stick worked well when I got my colon updated, I just was afraid that I'd poop on her finger cuz it felt like I'd get bowel movement as soon as she went in.
    Try something else maybe?
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    Kolon, LOL!
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    Seriously though:
    No fucking clue. Capcom is not the best at updating Street Fighter lately. I know workarounds for pc but wouldn't know what to do on ps4.
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    Yes, my sympatheties for you. My pad started acting like a retard since the Akuma update; I had to press RS2 to "wake the controller up", any time I entered a new menu. Since the Kolin update it was fixed again though, thankfully. I am on PC, by the way. Can't help you out, I'm afraid... Try tweeting to #StreetFighter, perhaps?
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