I officially quit shoryuken

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The FGC is a fucking joke.

@ COAL: Burn in hell shithead. You have no right to pick on people with disabilities.


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    I think he does have a right
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    I'm not sure what happened here. Maybe PM a mod if you've got concerns? :wtf:

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    do it harold
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    Jion_Wansu wrote: »
    The FGC is a fucking joke.

    @ COAL: Burn in hell shithead. You have no right to pick on people with disabilities.

    See you tomorrow

    Was COAL talking about you?
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    Who is coal and who are you?
    What's the story here? I'm slightly interested.
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    This thread needs to be Zamasued
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    The FGC is a fucking joke.

    @ COAL: Burn in hell shithead. You have no right to pick on people with disabilities.

    Who gives a fuck?
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    This is exactly like that time I quit smoking! In that I never smoked at all
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    Press some buttons @COAL !!!
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    Sure you can?
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    Who is coal and who are you?
    What's the story here? I'm slightly interested.

    Just looks at his post history. Trust me, it's not interesting at all.
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    Obligatory Bye Felicia response..............


    quoted for emphasis
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    FGD still bitchmade, I see.... :coffee:
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    @COAL hasn't been active in like 8 months. Are you bitching online to people who don't give a shit, about some quarrel you have with some stranger nobody knows, in a location or forum other than SRK. Dude, if that's the case and you are just trying to bad mouth some guy then shame on you. That's weak. Bitch weak.
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    The internet has always had sensitive flowers no matter what year it was. Today is no different.
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    Actually, I'm pretty sure the right to pick on people with disabilities is covered under his right to free speech, as long as it doesn't end up being qualified as discrimination or a hatecrime. I mean, it might be a shitty thing to do, but there's no law against being a shitty person, or most of us would spend our life behind bars.

    Also, you a bitch.
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    Hey, not all of us here in SRK are bad. Now I can't vouch for other SRK forums but I only mostly post on SFV forums and I've found that guys there are all friendly and treat other posters with respect. You are welcome to post there.
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    Magegg wrote: »
    Sure you can?

    Sure WHY you can.

    ... and I'm out like I stole somethin'
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    So people are jumping in on him and he's quitting Shoryuken?
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    shut the fuck up and take a walk scrub :coffee:
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    Blindknagg stole my post.

    Preppy wrote: »
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    Why was this moved to GD instead of just closed?
    probably the butt gif

    So someone's gonna get

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    In Russia, SRK quits YOU
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