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Hi to all

Venogr44Venogr44 I like to work on computerJoined: Posts: 3
I like to use any types of computers as personal computer and laptop. Also I'm a painter. I'm interesting in

art, including modern art. I'm from Hungary. I live in city which called Budapest. I have 32 years. I like to chat on

various themes. I would like to join your forum.

Best regards!
computers, art, motorcycles


  • jennjenn Joined: Posts: 15
    Hi Venogr44 quite an interesting name, and hobbbies you've got there. I am new as well, i am no admin but hey!, Welcome :)
  • VarmintBabyVarmintBaby Joined: Posts: 688
    Yo Venogr44, do you play any fighting games? Street Fighter perhaps? Welcome to the forums brah!
    "Play the game to learn not to win. Do this and winning will start to come all on its own." - some smart guy
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