San Fernando Valley: Looking for a FGC scene or others interested in creating one

skyedgeskyedge Kimchi-ManiacJoined: Posts: 7
Hi there, I'm located in the SF Valley, specifically near Calabasas.
I'm looking for a more local FGC scene as I'm kinda tired of long drives to long beach.
If there aren't any local scenes or groups I'm also looking for individuals interested in starting one.
Any help would be appreciated,




  • powerhousepowerhouse Joined: Posts: 44 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Hi, I haven't been to SRK in a LONG, time. But decided to check it out now and went here. Anyway I live in the San Fernando Valley specifically Reseda. But I'm in Paris right now as we also own an apartment here. Might be here across the pond for another year or so which means I won't be back in LA anytime soon. I'm into fighters in general and have 3 superguns and 3 arcade cabs. I'll try to host something if people are interested when I'm back in the country.
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