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This is how I know SF5 is made for scrubs like you:

JohnnyZeeJohnnyZee Joined: Posts: 2

Get rekt, scrubs


  • xEGAxBeastkingxxEGAxBeastkingx Sorry about yo damn luck Joined: Posts: 2,763
    Watched the vid 5 times and I still can't understand what you're trying to say.
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  • PSYCH0J0SHPSYCH0J0SH Joined: Posts: 5,469
    Yes, yes. SF5 is a game for retards, and water is wet.

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  • Doctrine DarkDoctrine Dark Yum Yum Joined: Posts: 7,788
    Did this nigga just mash out a Demon?
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    Tallboy bud goes in the 3s section

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