Favourite DLC Characters So Far?

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My apologies if this has been asked before - I searched for a similar thread, but I couldn't find one...

I just placed an order for SFV (should be here on Monday), and I'm primarily going to use my FM to buy new characters. I'll spend real cash if I have to, but it's a last resort. I realize it's going to be quite the grind to earn enough FM to buy all 8 DLC Characters that have been released so far, so I'll have to choose wisely.

I'd like to poll the community, who are your favourite DLC characters so far? Also, who have been your least favourite DLC characters? Why?

Just to recap - the DLC characters to date (March 17th, 2017 - Happy St Patrick's Day!):
- Akuma
- Alex
- Balrog
- Guile
- Ibuki
- Juri
- Kolin
- Urien

Thanks in advance!


  • NG1313NG1313 Joined: Posts: 1,547
    1. Alex
    2. The rest except Balrog
    3. Balrog

    I dig Balrog's design and place in SFV, but he's just not my cup of tea :tup:
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  • CestusCestus Sorry for my english :D Joined: Posts: 5,470

    1- Urien, by far my fav
    2- Kolin, probably the SF female char i have more fun use
    3- Rog, don't use him but boxing is a classic
    4- Juri, don't use her but taekwondo is a classic
    5- Guile, don't use him but he's fucking Guile


    Alex, can't get over how crap he look lol

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    Honestly though, the cast of characters in SFV til now has been nothing short of stellar. 90% of the time the reimaginations and adaptations have been perfect. I have never loved a cast of characters in a fighting game as much as this cast. Kudos to Capcom for the effort and thoughtfulness put into this.
  • FrozteyFroztey That British Dude Joined: Posts: 8,050
    Alex, Kolin and Juri.

    Balrog was fun in S1 but S2 I feel like he got a little overplayed and I hate running into mirrors online constantly. Urien is very interesting but I don't like him in actual games because you don't use half of his interesting stuff anyway.

    Everyone else I've barely played.
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    It's really hard to recommend without knowing what type of player you are and or if you're looking for strong characters. I'll list my favourites though....

  • KingCrimsonKingCrimson SFV ID: OldManRage Joined: Posts: 310
    Thanks guys, I appreciate your input so far!
  • GraphicGraphic Waifu Fighter V Joined: Posts: 636
    For me, Juri and Kolin have been the most fun to play.
  • YouYou Great gowns, beautiful gowns. Joined: Posts: 1,454
    Don't play any of them anymore, but I've had an Ibuki phase, Urien phase and an Alex phase. Only really got good with Ibuki but I loved playing Rashid so much that I dedicated my whole attention to getting as good as possible w/ him. Juri's pretty fun, but I didn't dare take her online.
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  • Mangy_CatMangy_Cat Chop Suey! Joined: Posts: 591
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    Favorite DLC characters: All of Season 2 characters so far.

    Least favorite DLC characters: All of Season 1 characters (Pissed because Rose wasn't there)
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    Ibuki, Urien and Kolin
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  • OceanMachineOceanMachine ROCKET LAUNCHER GOD Joined: Posts: 8,433
    Ibuki, Urien and Alex.
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  • Darc RequiemDarc Requiem The Light Emitting Darkness Joined: Posts: 7,462
    Alex, Urien, Kolin
  • Super SonicSuper Sonic Joined: Posts: 1,269
    Guile, Balrog, Alex, Urien. I would also like Akuma if it weren't for his sunflower head.
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  • PoisonKissPoisonKiss Beautiful Disaster Joined: Posts: 750
    Kolin, Juri, Urien. Ibuki's fun to watch.
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    Bring more 3s characters!!!
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    I honestly like most of them.

    1. Juri
    2. Ibuki
    3. Alex
    4. Kolin
    5. Urien
    6. Balrog
    7. Guile

    I think that the top four on my list are fun to play and I tend to like Balrog and Guile too, however those last three have been getting so overplayed recently whenever I go online that I'm starting to get sick of seeing them.
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  • Viewtiful_JewViewtiful_Jew Profound badness Joined: Posts: 55
    I dig footsie/poking characters, so I have a soft spot for Alex. Kolin is cool too, just for how she can counter the current meta of buttons all day erry day.
  • Sanada-kunSanada-kun Joined: Posts: 691
    Juri is the only one I really like. Ibuki and guile r ok. Fuck the rest
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    rice barrel
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    Kolin, easily.
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    Hey guys, I have a question, if I were to order characaters out of order (such as Kolin first), how would that effect the order of the characters in the various menus (Character Stories, Survival, Trials, etc)?

    If I were I get Kolin, would she be last and then If I got Alex would he be before her or after her?
  • CipherCipher Catchphraser Joined: Posts: 1,630
    Juri because Splitkicks.
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    Hey guys, I have a question, if I were to order characaters out of order (such as Kolin first), how would that effect the order of the characters in the various menus (Character Stories, Survival, Trials, etc)?

    I doubt it.

    My favs (in order)

    I own the other characters, but I don't think I've played with Akuma, Juri, Guile, or Urien for more than 5 minutes.

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  • Captain RyuCaptain Ryu Scoot Magee Joined: Posts: 1,395 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
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    I like Guile. Least favorite is probably Baltard.
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  • Will_DieselWill_Diesel Noble Savage of the inner city's darkest quarters. Joined: Posts: 1,162
    Looks like Ed is gonna be my least favorite.

    Guile, Juri and Kolin are my top 3.
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  • KingCrimsonKingCrimson SFV ID: OldManRage Joined: Posts: 310
    Hey guys, I have a question, if I were to order characaters out of order (such as Kolin first), how would that effect the order of the characters in the various menus (Character Stories, Survival, Trials, etc)?

    If I were I get Kolin, would she be last and then If I got Alex would he be before her or after her?

    I figured out the answer to this question and thought I'd post it for those interested...

    If you only have the original 16 characters, and then only unlock Kolin, she will be the 17th character listed in character stories, survival, trials, and demonstrations. If you then buy Alex, he will become the 17th listed character and will bump Kolin up to the 18th spot, until you get more characters released pror to Kolin.
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    (the rest)
    Balrog ;)
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    I'm gonna have to go with...


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    Ed is neat. I just want DeeJay and a better balanced Ryu.
  • coconutz50coconutz50 Joined: Posts: 99
    All of the SF2 returning characters. Guile, Balrog and Akuma. Capcom should bring back and reinvent the rest of the SF2 cast just like they did with Ken. SF5 Ken is by far, the most fun Ken in the series. They can do that with the remaining SF2 fighters. Oh, and I also like Juri.
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