Hori VLX PCB tray - Where can I find one?

VarmintBabyVarmintBaby Joined: Posts: 559
I tried to find the PS4 Hori VLX but couldn't for the life of me. Anyway, does anyone know where i can find the HORI VLX Premium Hayabusa's "pcb tray"? I just installed the EZ Mod with a Brook UFB and I stripped one of the screws holding the EZ Mod to the tray. I wouldn't care normally as I don't plan on changing this config soon but during the install of those two I broke the little latch that holds the touchpad ribbon in place on the EZ Mod board. I'm gonna need a new EZ Mod board if I want this feature at some point so I need to be able to get a new tray because of the stripped screw and I can't take the current EZ Mod out. Please let me know. thanks.
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