Toaru Majutsu no VIRTUAL-ON

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Toaru Majutsu no VIRTUAL-ON is the greatest magical anime character in a giant robot twin stick fighting game ever... or so this would say if this were an affinity thread.

But in any case, new VIRTUAL-ON, but as a crossover with A Certain Magical Index, which means chuu-something anime characters with powers now control the mechs and give them extra posers or such.

Coming to PS4 and Vita in 2018.

You can't ask for well-thought-out changes off day 1, week 1, or mostly even month 1 play...and that's when the game is out and everyone's in the lab.

If there's anything we do best, it's breaking games and then making everyone suffer with all the cheapness.


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    Whelp, my dick is officially confused.
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    Whelp, my dick is officially confused.

    Happy to have more Misaka, but not sure what to think about this :rofl:
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