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    GeoG2 wrote: »
    Watching Raw now, but lemme guess: Superstar Shake-up = "I'm fucking tired of SD having better ratings so let's bring all of them back to Raw" - Vince

    Fixed for accuracy.
  • Apathy-IncApathy-Inc Die white girls Joined: Posts: 3,123
    SSSU = "Shit we gave Brock the title again so we better over compensate for the fact that our champ is never ever here."

    Also: Eff this. Why couldn't they take Ziggler or other guys that have been doing literally nothing?
    Now SD has no midcard title.
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    2-D wrote: »
    or Orton RKO Nakamura's knee outta nowhere.

    Bruh, I'd be hyped to see that!!

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  • d3vd3v Coughing DAT PINK SPIT Joined: Posts: 37,296 mod
    They need two titles on Raw to make up for the fact that their main title is literally pointless at this point.
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    D'Nyc3 wrote: »
    WE'RE SAFE!!!!!! NO AJ ON RAW!!!!!!


    aj vs shinsuke. :3
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  • d3vd3v Coughing DAT PINK SPIT Joined: Posts: 37,296 mod
    I'm guessing that this pillaging of the SDL roster is the price Haitch has to pay for having Nakamura on Tuesday.
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    edited April 2017
    RockBogart wrote: »
    No way in hell will Fale win the belt. The NJPW Heavyweight title has a lot of prestige and I don't see anyone like Fale getting any kind of run.

    You aware that Bob Sapp is a former IWGP Heavyweight Champ, right?

    It is like he is one of those westerner smarks who don't get why the crowd reacts the way they do for Fale. He is a trueborn njpw. He speaks japanese. He is a hoss. He has victories over okada, shibata, naito, nakamura, and tanahashi. He won the ic belt from nakamura.

    He has a resume in kayfabe that they push on japanese commentary. Or you should watch njpw on axs.

    But Fale is over. He speaks japanese. And he is a homegrown new japan guy.

    I like jackal way more than corino on commentary with kevin kelly. No more in jokes. No more goofing off. Cyrus just calls it like wrestling is real and kevin kelly does his best jr impression. I like it.

    If Fale destroys Okada like say takes him to slam city and destroys him in 3 minutes. It would be great.

    Like when misawa lost to kawada in 2 minutes.
    Book it for me. Fale going over and having a title reign. Who does he defend it against and who does he drop it to? It sure as hell ain't at Tokyo Dome.

    To be perfectly honest I've been into pro wrestling for a much shorter time than fighting games. Just after the 2015 G1. I don't see how that matters but I'm not opposed to being shown where I'm going wrong.

    Fuck you for not really knowing what you are talking about. Fale is pretty much the Bray Wyatt of new japan. Over. A monster some key victories. But new japan always cuts off his push for no real reason.

    You put the belt on Fale at dontakku.

    You split the bullet club with the elite cutting off completely.

    You have Fale destroy Omega, Tanahashi, elgin (global wars) and Ishii in title defenses. Then you put the belt back on Okada at king of pro wrestling.

    You have shibata win g-1 then run okada/shibata for the dome

    Apollo on raw? Maybe he gets something to do?

    I hope this means we get KO, The Club, charlotte, and Big E by himself to sd.

    Big E is too much money as a singles guy. Big E running roughshod as a singles guy needs to happen. Sick of new day
  • po pimpuspo pimpus Beyond Anger... Ultra Rage Joined: Posts: 26,762
    Ain't nobody left on SD, and watch Ziggler still not be able to get over.
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  • dab00gdab00g Joined: Posts: 21,467
    Just like 2005 raw gets so much

    I kind of want sd to bring up cien, peyton & billie, and roderick strong

    Roddy/Dolph would be fucking nuts
  • dab00gdab00g Joined: Posts: 21,467
    So like everybody agrees it was way too early to bring up enzo and cass right?
  • GeoG2GeoG2 I came for the culo Joined: Posts: 12,194 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Perkins is in a weird place. He gets no pops or reaction, even when they were in his hometown. He turned tonight and the crowd still barely cared.

    He's the one guy that really needs a storyline on 205 Live.
  • dab00gdab00g Joined: Posts: 21,467
    This was the most they have done with him.

    You run TJ as a cocky dickhead. You just do what they did with new day. Have him thank the fans. Have him dab and do old washed dances like the dougie.

    Just make him an your typical annoying filipino guy
  • maxxmaxx DIO THE DESTROYER Joined: Posts: 36,872 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Oh crap............TJ gonna go heel?

    looks like hes headed back to his heel persona from evolve. hoping for strong style catchpoint tjp
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  • PaolochunPaolochun so that I / can say I'm on your side Joined: Posts: 11,445 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Well, that explains why the Raw talent shuffle is such a mess. It's on the anniversary of this.

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  • Grimmjow316Grimmjow316 Huracán Salvadoreño Joined: Posts: 7,601
    I'm not happy with the moves in particular Bray and Miz. I was expecting the Miz to be groomed for an eventual title run on SD as the main guy now he will be lost in the shuffle on RAW, same goes for Bray he could have thrived more if they fleshed out the feud even further with Randy now they are finishing it off as soon as possible.

    Alexa being moved saddenes me.
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    Niggas actually think that shit with Strowman was real. On Worldstar and everything.

    Strowman use to be a strongman before becoming a wrestler. I can see why some people would believe it.
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  • maxxmaxx DIO THE DESTROYER Joined: Posts: 36,872 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Niggas actually think that shit with Strowman was real. On Worldstar and everything.

    Strowman use to be a strongman before becoming a wrestler. I can see why some people would believe it.

    its worldstar...dont give them that much credit. they think blood oranges is really aids infected fruit.
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  • d3vd3v Coughing DAT PINK SPIT Joined: Posts: 37,296 mod
    edited April 2017
    Relive the best segment on Raw in years

    P.S. That said, at around 4:10, you can clearly see Reign's shoes as he's stepping out of the ambulance. Could've timed the shit better and had him out before the camera man stepped out.
  • TheWholeFnShowTheWholeFnShow Been here too long. Joined: Posts: 1,514 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    I wouldn't worry too much about SD getting totally poached. One thing to consider is that SD is on USA now, so it wouldn't be good for WWE to completely have those ratings drop significantly. We'll see what happens on SD...

    Maryse as Nikki > Nikki

    Strowman mauling Reigns was hilarious. Bad editing aside, it was too fun to watch.
  • HawkingbirdHawkingbird I am thou...thou art I Joined: Posts: 27,147
    Smackdown got to keep AJ and Nakamura so that's good. They need to get two main-event Raw guys to replace Ambrose and Bray. Balor, Joe and Owens should go to Smackdown.
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  • dab00gdab00g Joined: Posts: 21,467
    It is probably a usa mandate that sd keep cena, orton, & styles

    As long as those 3 are on sd it remains the a-show and the only weekly show i watch day of

    Nakamura working those 3 in wwe needs to happen. Also hoping for another Owens/Nakamura match and rollins gets moved.

    Rollins and Reigns need to stay away from raw
  • D'Nyc3D'Nyc3 *Insert Star* Joined: Posts: 6,987 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Byron look like he was informed he's now a Crip...

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  • dab00gdab00g Joined: Posts: 21,467
    I bet Otunga is happy to be away from jbl.

    Also the look of "fuuuuck" on saxton's face about working with jbl again.
  • spudlyff8fanspudlyff8fan is love. Joined: Posts: 7,082
    So Jinder may have given Finn a legit concussion on RAW. You may have noticed him with some mat burn on his face after the match and it's because he got legit knocked down from this:
  • dab00gdab00g Joined: Posts: 21,467
    Probably a receipt since finn works stiff

    Jinder is actually pretty good

    I want 3MB back bay bay
  • D'Nyc3D'Nyc3 *Insert Star* Joined: Posts: 6,987 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    sheesh! Calm down my BBW bae lol

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  • Jion_WansuJion_Wansu Joined: Posts: 6,380
    What's this another Vince wants Raw to be top???

    I guarantee somewhere down the line we will see Brock Lesnar VS Randy Orton to unite the title, blah, blah, blah, no more brand split,

    I swear, WWE going in circles just like Hollywood with their movies...
  • drunken_kusadrunken_kusa Joined: Posts: 49
    Said it in the chat yesterday, major losers on raw last night probably going to Smackdown.

    New Day, Charlotte, KO, and possibly Reigns.
  • Tyrant Sardines IITyrant Sardines II Tell me a story Joined: Posts: 2,667
    Catching up on raw. Charlotte is a given SD move, she practically wore all blue.
    Kinda hoping, Club reunites with lord sama AJ Styles tonight.
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    Fuck you for not really knowing what you are talking about. Fale is pretty much the Bray Wyatt of new japan. Over. A monster some key victories. But new japan always cuts off his push for no real reason.


    They don't cut his push for no reason. He serves his purpose as a gatekeeper to stop main event level talent from fighting each other during tournaments and causing upsets. He's also a good spokesman and talent scout for NJPW internationally but he is not MONEY, so he won't become champ. If he wins I'll eat my words but you're not very convincing.


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