Controller from not shipping, any experiences?

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i ordered a IST DIVA CON from I paid over Paypal and get no responses from them, not
even an order transmitted mail or something.
I mailed two of their mail-adresses but no response. Seems like a slow shop, or eventually a scam?
Someone got any experiences with that shop?
I just want a Hastune Miku Controller :(


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    During its beginning last year up until March or so, it was handled decently because there was someone there who can communicate in English and checks out this forum. He left recently. They can be scrambling for a replacement but who knows? I paid for some stuff back then and shipped fine.

    Very likely not scamming but having trouble to take care of the international side of IST.
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    For the (hopefully nonexistent) scenario where IST doesn't ship your stuff.
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    Like The Phantomnaut mentioned, their main guy recently left the company and they have been working with someone to fill that spot. I've ordered from them before without issue, and even ordered something a couple of months ago. It was a little slower than usual, so it's unfortunate you're having that issue.

    With that said, the contact email address on their website still shows the old contact person, so that could be an issue. During my last order, before he had left they had provided me a new email address for contacting them. The person I was able to reach out to used this email address:

    You can try to reach out him directly with that email (include your order number in the subject), and hopefully they'll get back to you soon.

    The good news is you paid with Paypal, so if for some reason things have really gone south (which I hope they haven't), you can request that Paypal try to get a hold of them by opening a ticket and see if they have any luck. And then after that if nothing happens, then you can ask for a refund.

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    Yeah, is the email to send stuff to. I ordered several things when I was in Korea in 2015-2016. I communicated in both Korean and English, and was able to get responses either way.

    I even went to their warehouse once to have an order fixed due to issues with what I ordered, and they worked with me.

    Definitely send an email there.
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    Ok thanks guys for the mail and info. Well, i mailed a day after my order but no response.

    Today they finally accepted the paypal payment, but still no email or anything (including any kind of tracking number).
    Hope they will ship the Controller so that i dont have to fiddle around with the paypal paypment insurance.
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    Still no reply form them, but they took the money. Paypal ticket is open and
    they need to get the payment back now, what a lame store.

    I hardly suggest anyone to not order from them.
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    You should have held on

    You have 6 months to file a claim, give them the benefit of the doubt
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    anzhar wrote: »
    You should have held on

    You have 6 months to file a claim, give them the benefit of the doubt
    Well, i dont have a prolem with waiting for an order, even months.
    But the lack of communication was not what im (and i guess everbody else) is expecting
    from any kind of online shop. Nevertheless, im open for all kind of situations they have there,
    but any information would make a customer feel better. The Email of their paypal
    account is invalid (mail came back) and the other one on their site is invalid also, only
    was the one who replied today. I can live with that, they should just update their stuff.

    Lately my friend was ripped off at an online store and has no chance to get his cash back, so im cautious.
    I mean while ordering there were additional blank unnamed adress fields which you had to fill out
    with something, strange...

    Today i got a mail from noplzz and the tracking number, seems to have arrived here at the customs,
    looks like they sent it very early, but im still wondering why they did not accept the payment for weeks.
    Is it normal for Koreans to send a shipping number after the item has reached its destined location?
    If so, that would be new :dog:
    The Paypal Ticket is still just a reminder to the seller and can be closed anytime by me. Will do that then.
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    i just ordered stuff from makestick yesterday, an still havent received the tracking number.. hope theres no problem with my order..
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