Got the money, what fighting games should I buy on PC?

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I'm looking for something on Steam to spend my cash on, and so I'd like to ask if you can recommend me some good fighting games out there. I own SFV and UMvC3. I'm open to any new series.
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    I dunno............go read the reviews and decide for yourself?

    There are a lot of fighting games on Steam now....................too many to choose from.

    Depends on your preferences.
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    I don't know if Chaos Code on steam has active players or not.
    Avoid Dead or Alive 5 (I love DoA5) unless you plan to mod skins like 2B from Nier:Automata.
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    Yatagarasu, KOF 2002UM, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator. Tekken 7 comes out soon.
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    That's a long list. You have lots of choices. Samurai Shodown, KoF14, USF4, UMVC3, Guilty Gear Xrd, BlazBlur, Vanguard Princess (my personal pick) and even Smash style games like Rivals of Aether.

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    You should find players for these ones at least on Discord.
    There's also Arcana Heart 3, Blade Arcus and Chaos Code which are good but they're much less played.
    And finally DOA5 is pretty decent and you should be able to find very cheap keys to unlock all characters except Naotora and Mai.
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    try killer instinct for free
    other games have almost nobody playing unless you search on discord like some here have said
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