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Single player joystick RGB LED query

extracampineextracampine Joined: Posts: 4
Just looking for some advice. I'm planning to build a single player arcade stick which would be plugged into a PC via USB, to use with emulation software such as Hyperspin.

I'm keen to use LED blinky with RGB LED buttons so that the buttons used for a particular individual game light up. My question is, which controller board(s) is best to go inside this joystick? I looked at the i-pac ultimate though it requires a separate power supply as well as a USB connection. Ideally I just want 1 USB connection as I don't want to be plugging a joystick into the mains as well. The ports I am using are USB-C so decent power throughput is there.


  • extracampineextracampine Joined: Posts: 4
    Any advice here?
  • StrtFghtrMstrStrtFghtrMstr SRnk1VaBeachAlphaTeam Joined: Posts: 553 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Any HID pcb should do for pc.
    Verify if your Hyperspin emulation software requires X/D-input and selext an HID PCB that uses that one natively.
    For your console pcb selection stay away from MCZ PS4 pcbs.
    Post a worklog =)
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  • KunikuKuniku Joined: Posts: 351
    Depending on your overall goal, you could go UFB with a Kaimana attached to cover both PCB and LED needs.
  • extracampineextracampine Joined: Posts: 4
    Thanks for the replies. Sorry for my ignorance - whats a "HID PCB" and a "UFB"?
  • jopamojopamo Stuck in Silly-con Valley Joined: Posts: 1,439
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    Good GOD, you DO NOT need the I-PAC Ultimate...

    What is USB HID?

    A Few Options (cheap->expensive)
    USB Zero Delay Encoder
    Ultimarc U-HID
    Ultimarc Mini-PAC
    Ultimarc I-PAC2 (or 4 if needed)
    Brook Universal Fighting Board (a huge waste of money for just a PC connection.)

    USB connector type (C) in this case (as far a power delivery is concerned) is irrelevant, as all of these options utilize old USB spec (older than 3.0, let alone 3.1) with "low" power draw (5V 1A, or less)---and power draw is based on the board requirement.
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