Street Fighter the Movie Broke My Heart



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    Ok, I'm going to post up parts of my doc in digestable pieces. The first part may be a bit dull, but it quickly explains explains how I got into games and leads into the some of the circumstances that came about which led to Incredible Technologies/Strata devloping SFTM.

    (Oh, and Yes, I played the Bison Trooper characters Blade, Arkane, Khyber, and F7)
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    Street Fighter the Movie Broke My Heart.
    Alan Noon

    Its true. I am certainly not proud of this fact, but I am one of the people responsible for one of the most loathed games in fighting game history. I apologize.

    It was the project of my dreams. A one in a million, golden opportunity. I was in the right place, at the right time. I was going to be part of something sensational. I was going to help design and create the next Street Fighter! But what should have been a career defining moment turned into a nightmare; a nightmare that haunts me to this day.

    A lot of time has passed. I have forgotten much of the experience. Many more parts are probably buried subconsciously; a protection by my inner psyche, for surely I would go mad if I confronted with the horror of what happened.

    Ok, ok melodrama aside, what Im trying to say is that I cant remember everything that went down, and certainly not in chronological order. Ill just relate the bits and pieces I do remember that might be interesting to fighting game fans. Ill also be happy to field questions, if I have a halfway decent explanation.

    How did I end up working on what was supposed to be the next big thing? I have always been a video game fanatic. I remember the first video game I ever saw and where I saw it. It was Pong. It was at a local restaurant. I was 5 years old, and I was mesmerized. Since that day, I have been obsessed with video gaming.

    Flash forward and I am in college and I am still gaming. The school had a Street Fighter in the lounge, and I was completely hooked. (SF:CE, if you must know.) Soon after the Hyper Fighting showed up, I was ditching most of my classes to play. I should mention that Mortal Kombat arrived in the lounge around that same time, and I started playing a lot of that too. Truth be told though, in my mind Street Fighter was the king of the fighting games.

    I had always been into art, had always been into videos games, and had always been interested in computers. I had known since I was seven years old when I made Pitfall Harry grab his first bar of gold that I wanted to make games. Now I saw the first step I had to take to make it happen. That semester I enrolled in the schools first computer art class offering. Towards the end of the course, the instructor informed us that a local video game company was looking for help. I was doing really well in the class, so I took the number and called them. Long story short, I got the job of my dreams. I quit school immediately. I was going to be making video games.
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    The company that hired me was Incredible Technologies, manufacturers of a number of successful coin op arcade games. (They were also known by another name too, Strata. I dont recall the specifics of the division between I.T. and Strata were. Maybe I never knew.) I worked on a few other projects before Street Fighter the Movie came around. Being a fighting game nut, I was originally hired to work on New Fighter, which was the follow up product to a rather successful hit I.T. had in a coin op game known as Time Killers. (This is worth mentioning as Time Killers apparently played something of a role in the SFTM saga. More on that later.) What ended up happening to me however was that it was decided that New Fighter was going to run with a skeleton crew for while as I was put on to the football game which needed extra hands. My first day on the job, and I was cleaning up (poorly,) digitized football players for Hard Yardage, I.T.s NBA Jam style football game. I loved every minute of it.

    After a while, Hard Yardage eventually shipped, though perhaps not in the quantities we had hoped. One factor may have been that I.T. insisted on selling Hard Yardage as a dedicated machine only; no conversion kits. Coin Op distributors were not wild about that idea as there was a lot of wood in the market at the time, as Ive heard it said. (Meaning: there were tons of arcade cabinets out there in circulation already. Arcade Operators would much rather just buy a conversion kit to retrofit an old, lesser earning game instead of buying a whole new, expensive cabinet.) A large number of Hard Yardages either came back, or never left. We ourselves now had a lot of wood on our hands.

    Time Killers, while perhaps not too fondly remembered by gamers, actually did exceptionally well for I.T. Fighting games were super hot, with no signs of slowing down. Operators and the Distributors wanted more fighting game product to sell. Full attention was put back on New Fighter.

    New Fighter was pretty darn cool for a prototype. It featured eight or so bald headed, spandex wearing place holder characters that all looked exactly the same, save for palette swaps and special move sets to differentiate them. They all had a nature or element based theme, so we had the fire guy, the ice guy, the rock guy, and so on, as well as my personal favorite: the plant guy. Plant Guy had a sweet, Scorpion-esque move in which a vine grew from his arm and snared the enemy and pulled him in close for a free shot. Sadly, Plant Guy never made it to the final product, which you may or may not now know as Bloodstorm. (Fun fact: We needed to get rid of those dedicated Hard Yardages that were costing us rent. I am proud to say that it was my idea to create giant vinyl BloodStorm cabinet graphics we could stick over the sides of the Hard Yardages. We converted the boards, stuck on the stickers, and off they went. Problem solved!)
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    Interesting...please go on, anoon.
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    yes please do.
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    You must've gotten a kick out of the Simpson's "Bonestorm" parody.
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    Great post...i look forward to hearing more about your experience at I.T.
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    I <3 this game. Tons. Directional fireballs are hardcore, TRY JUMPING THAT SHIT. And directoinal Shinkuu iS FIREWALL
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    ... I don't. Bastards like you and Michael Jackson ruined my childhood.

    *runs off in a floating pirate ship*

    ...that went well.
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    You must've gotten a kick out of the Simpson's "Bonestorm" parody.
    Yes, Absolutely! That was too funny.

    Ok, more stuff on the way. I take a quick detour into Bloodstorm and then describe some of the circumstances in the industry at the time.
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    Like Hard Yardage, Bloodstorm was pretty darn fun and exciting to work on too, though I was pretty unhappy with the final result. You can probably guess why. Bad art and bad game play. At the time Bloodstorm released, it really didnt stand a chance against the latest Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, which were up to versions Super and II respectively. I distinctly remember the coin op show at which Bloodstorm made its debut. It was in Chicago, and our booth was right next to Capcoms. Though I was not part of the sales force, I routinely went to the coin op shows to not only demo our games to the distributors, but to see and test the latest from the competition. I tested a whole lot of free Super Street Fighter II that weekend. Anyway, perhaps I can talk about Bloodstorm in the future.

    The interesting thing about Chicago game dev in the early nineties is that the major players in the industry had offices around town. Atari, Midway, Sega, Konami, and Data East all had development and/or sales arms in the area. There were a number of smaller video game related companies around as well. One of them was known as originally known as either Gamestar or Romstar. Maybe both at varying points in time. My facts are suspect here, but I seem to recall that while they didnt develop coin op games themselves, Romstar had something to do with the selling various coin op products, particularly to the South American region. At any rate, Romstar was purchased by Capcom and became their Midwest office. This is semi-important to know for reasons that will shortly become apparent.

    I previously mentioned that Super Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat II were out on the market around the same time. The fact of the matter was, Mortal Kombat II appeared to be eclipsing Street Fighter in popularity. It was dominating the arcade. MKII machines were earning a thousand bucks a week or more in quarters, which was crazy amounts of dough. It appeared that gamers might be tiring of the same hand drawn sprites and 8 bit backgrounds of Street Fighter. I do not know whether or not the idea originated from Capcom Japan or one of the U.S. offices, but it seemed to make sense that Capcom should make a Street Fighter to appeal to the changing tastes of the American gamer.

    Oh, and it just so happened that Capcom had signed on a bunch of pretty well known actors to bring their franchise to the big screen. It seemed like a home run! A brand new Street Fighter done in flashy new digitized graphics featuring the bona fide likenesses of major celebrities such as Raul Julia, Jean Claude Van Damme, Kylie Minogue, Wes Studi, and master thespian Gregg Rainwater! (*cough*)
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    So how does a smaller, American game developer like Incredible Technologies get handed one of the most important franchises in video gaming history? It might be clich, but its all about who you know. Oh, and I figure location had something to do with it too.

    Street Fighter the Movie, The Game, (as we ended up calling it,) seemed like a no brainer. Trouble was, Capcom apparently did not know how to do digitized graphics. (Or so I seem to recall hearing second hand.) Not only that, but probably more importantly, their hardware couldnt support the amount of colors required to do those fancy graphics justice. But apparently one of the members of upper management in Capcoms Midwest office knew of a company that had some really great hardware. This company was Incredible Technologies, and we had some custom built, proprietary hardware that kicked butt. This hardware was virtually unsurpassed when it came to the sheer numbers of colors it could display on screen at once. (I need to check my facts on this, but if memory serves, we eventually heard that MKII was doing 64 colors per character. The I.T. hardware could do 256. Sounds great, right? We thought so too. We eventually came to wonder if perhaps there was wisdom in using 64 colors. More on that later, if anyone cares.) it just so happened that I.T.s offices were a short ten minute drive down route 53 from Capcoms new Midwest offices, which Im sure didnt hurt our chances of landing the deal!

    I previously mentioned that Time Killers may have had a role in securing the SFTM deal for I.T. This is just word of mouth, but apparently when Time Killers made its debut at one of the coin op shows, the guys from Capcom were reported to be impressed with the technical execution and crowded around it, taking notes and trying to figure out how it was built. Ill personally pass no judgements on the game play of Time Killers here, but I must admit, it did feature a number of extremely impressive features for the time: the aforementioned dazzling array of on screen colors, multi level parallax scrolling backgrounds, dismemeberments, scanned in fine art used as in game assets, and without a doubt, the most amazing example of color cycling Ive ever seen: The time vortex.)

    So those are the factors, as I am aware, that led to how Incredible Technologies was trusted with what was supposed to be the next great iteration of the Street Fighter franchise.
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    All right. I'll take a break from posting and start up writing again so I can get ahead a bit. That should give opportunity for some questions to roll in, if anybody has any.
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    you were part of bloodstorm youre my hero

    so many secrets in that game
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    Sagat is too good.

    IMM mod....still bad at fighters though :/

    av by me
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    Got a question, why does Sawada have a lightsaber? Crazy to know that you Anoon helped in making SFTM.
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    Because! Every good Street Fighter needs a lightsaber!

    Very interesting information, here.
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    WHOA Anoon... You played as Blade? That makes my question a little easier.

    Blade's ending taken from All About Capcom, they used all caps so I'll do the same -



    Sorry, I can't help but laugh whenever I read that.

    As far as I know, in the American version of Slammasters it was stated that Gunloc is "rumoured to be related to a famous street fighter" and he does have a Sonic Attack. However, this is just in his profile in the American version and not the Japanese one, something that Capcom USA made up (not official).

    So really, who's idea was it to not only make Blade Gunloc, but make him Guile's brother as a reference to a made up Capcom USA Profile for Gunloc in Slammasters? That's just really one of the strangest endings in the game, if you happen to know anything about this please shed some light. If not, that's cool. Thanks!
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    So really, who's idea was it to not only make Blade Gunloc...
    LOL, does it really say that!?! that does seem pretty ridiculous. I need to play SFTM again. Anyway, to be honest I am really not sure who specifically came up with that one. It could have been me or one of the other guys at I.T. For the most part, Capcom USA didn't get involved when it came to specifics like that, so I doubt the SFTM tie in to Slammasters came from them.
    One of the things that is cool about the SF universe is the character to character interpersonal relationships. It's no surprise that we tried to tie Blade in with the rest of the crew. You have to admit, when you're looking at the select screen of SFTM, he looks pretty out of place against the traditional SF gang!
    why does Sawada have a lightsaber?
    Wow, lots of Sawada questions, that's great! So, Sawada doesn't actually have a lightsaber. In the days before motion blur, refraction effects, and emissive textures, we did what we could. :) It's just supposed to be a visual manifestation of the power behind the attack.
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    Haha, i'm enjoying storytime so far. Keep it rollin'.

    So i take it there's no way to turn off BGM?
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    I kinda ignored this thread because of the title, but clicked on it as a fluke. Quite a read, I'll sure keep up with it. Since I'm independently working on my own fighting game this thread interests me. Keep it up.
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    So i take it there's no way to turn off BGM?
    Not that I know of, via secret code or anything. I assume you are playing the coin op version through MAME perhaps? You might want to look in the diagnostic menu. We might have put in a dip switch setting or volume control specifically for music. Not sure how much control there might be over the specific voices though.

    Ok, so I have a couple more sections done: The next one up is a brief word on some of the initial internal confusion regarding the project that might begin to shed light on why certain discrepancies exist in the game versus the film. This quickly dove tails into some character specific info as an example, the likes of which may rock the Shoryuken forums to their very core! Ok, maybe not. But I wouldn't be surprised if it generates a few "WTF!?!" type responses.

    Following that, I describe our capture technology, which should help explain why the characters look and move the way they do.

    These are the last two sections I have completed at this point, so I was going to hold off on posting them until I could get ahead on new sections a bit more, but I had so much fun writing the character one up, I don't think I can wait.

    Maybe just a teaser then...
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    haha This is one of the coolest threads i've ever seen on this site. For real.

    a little of topic, but what do you have to major in in order to get a job working with arcade hardware? Just a basic computer science degree?

    I'll confess that I have an unnatural obsession with home arcade collecting/ arcade hardware in general :sweat: , and I would love to make arcade games for a living. I guess I want to know what do I need to take in order to do that.
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    Perhaps this is all my perception, but looking back, I remember that there was some amount of confusion as to what it was we were making exactly. It could have been the international game of Telephone, but somewhere along the communication chain from the Capcom Japan guys to the Capcom USA guys, to our management, down to the team, there seemed to be mixed signals. I distinctly recall that originally during the pitch process the game was billed as Street Fighter 3. We were to pull out all of the stops and make the greatest Street Fighter ever. More characters! Digitized graphics! New combo system! The works! We set about writing up all kinds of great stuff to include in the final product. One of those things was even Sheng Long.
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    Wow, lots of Sawada questions

    Lol just because nobody truly understands wtf he is or where the eff he came from, even though it is explained. Funny thing is, I thought in the game he kinda owned x x;. Blood as an attack?
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    Quick question.

    Was this game and the movie released in Japan? what was there response?
    East Coast.
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    Bloodstorm question:

    Can you explain the whole Daniel Pesina (Johnny Cage) in the game ad of Bloodstorm incident? I know Midway fired him for doing that.
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    Do u still work for the same company now and what futre games do u plan on making :lovin:
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    what do you have to major in in order to get a job working with arcade hardware?
    It depends what you mean exactly I guess. When you say "working with arcade hardware, what do you mean? Do you want to be designing it? Assembling it, writing for it? if you are talking about the former, then I imagine Electrical engineering would be good. If it's more the latter, Computer Science would probably be a good move. If it's assembling or fixing arcade hardware, I'm not really sure. You might not need any degree, depending.
    nobody truly understands wtf he[Sawada] is or where the eff he came from
    Ha. I totally understand where that comes from. I just finished up two new sections on our daily routine and the movie studio where we worked, and I'm afraid it might be getting a little boring and/or veering away from directly SFTM game related info, so I'll do a little piece on Sawada/Fei Long next. He was a pretty bad assed character, and for good reason, which I'll explain.
    Was this game and the movie released in Japan? what was there response?
    Maybe? I honestly don't know. perhaps not. It was largely supposed to appeal to American audiences. Memories are coming back to me now... I think the Capcom Japan guys told us that it didn't test well over there, so it probably didn't go into wide release.
    Can you explain the whole Daniel Pesina (Johnny Cage) in the game ad of Bloodstorm incident?
    So, ALLEGEDLY what happened was that there was a rift developing between some subset of Mortal Kombat actors and Midway over money. So any severing of ties between any of the MK talent and Midway was likely due to that fact. It was also probably prior to the ad, rather than the result of it. I wasn't part of the arrangement for that spread, so take this info with a grain of salt. Sorry, I wish I had more details. I do remember that it was considered a pretty big coup around the office at the time. Ultimately, it didn't seem to matter.
    Do u still work for the same company now and what futre games do u plan on making
    No, I left Incredible Technologies a while after SFTM and went to Midway, where I worked on their sports titles such as Redcard Soccer, NFL Blitz, and MLB Slugfest. After that I went to Day1 Studios, where I am currently employed as the Senior Technical Artist. The titles I am on now are unnannounced, so I can't say anything about them. We recently released FEAR for the Xbox 360, which should also be out on the PS3 any time soon. I would love to work on a another fighting game someday.
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    *subscribes* This is a very good read, anoon. Looking forward to the rest.
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    Not that I know of, via secret code or anything. I assume you are playing the coin op version through MAME perhaps? You might want to look in the diagnostic menu. We might have put in a dip switch setting or volume control specifically for music. Not sure how much control there might be over the specific voices though.
    Building off that, it's also possible to hack the emulator so that it reads the rom in a specific way as to disable BGM.

    Oh, and this thread is a real winner. Gaming fans desperately need this kind of direct interaction with gaming developers. Benefits both parties.
    Let's play.
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    I eagerly await the next installment.

    That being said, you can only eat enough breadsticks and salad before you start to ask, "Where's The Beef?"

    Not that I'm telling you how to run your thread!
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    LOL, does it really say that!?!
    Sure does.
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    good thread. prolly the best read ive ever seen on srk in... ever. lookin forward to the rest.:wgrin:
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    All this was going down sometime during ?93/?94 and we thought we were initially going to be making Street Fighter 3, (or at least, I seemed to think so, for whatever reason.) Now at this time, if the whole Gouken,Gouki/Akuma, Gotetsu story line existed within Capcom somewhere, we were never privy to that info. The whole Sheng Long controversy was still fresh in everyone?s mind; was Sheng Long a character? Was it a mistranslation? We didn?t know either, but what better way to get people really excited about Street Fighter again than to include the most hyped up character ever? Capcom Japan wasn?t too hot on that idea initially, saying something to the effect that ?When Sheng Long does appear, it will be like God making an appearance.? What is curious at this point is that they never corrected us on the character?s name. We always referred to him as Sheng Long. Perhaps much like the way Gouki is known as Akuma in the states, Gouken, (or Gotetsu? It was never clear which one Sheng Long was a true parallel of,) would be known as Sheng Long in the US? At any rate, Sheng Long was shelved, for the time being?

    ?But he almost made it in after all. I?m skipping ahead quite a bit here, but I might as well put the Sheng Long business to bed. Towards the end of the project we had already digitized the majority of the actors from the film while on location of the movie set in Australia. That art was largely done, processed, and in game. There were still a couple more characters we had to do though. Chun Li, (The beautiful Ming Na Wen,) was never captured in Australia, due to contractual issues. (More on that later.) What ended up happening was that we set up a new, temporary digitizing studio in our Chicago warehouse and flew her in for the session. While we had the studio set up, we also captured two more characters. One was an alternate Ken, which I?ll mention briefly later. The other was in fact Sheng Long.

    For whatever reason, the idea of adding Sheng Long came up again, and suddenly the Capcom guys were all for it. Maybe it was them, maybe it was us, but somebody apparently realized at that point that the game was going to need something a little extra other than the new fangled game play to propel it to stratospheric levels of success. Itook it upon myself to designing the look of and move set of Sheng Long. What an opportunity!!! Again, I was in heaven.

    Sheng Long was going to be awesome. He wore black Gi pants and a long, green, padded/quilted, sleeveless Gi style top which was tied off with a black belt. His hair was very long and white, being done up in a single big braid running down his back. He also had a very long kung fu movie style Fu Manchu moustache. Now this is where things get a bit wilder? He also wore a thick black ribbon over his eyes. The reason for this I explained, was that Akuma had attacked Sheng Long in an attempt to kill him, and while he failed in slaying Sheng, he did succeed in taking his eyes out and blinding him. Sheng Long was so badassed though, he didn?t even really need his eyes to fight. Ok, so now the design really gets crazy? the final component of Sheng Long?s design was his arm. So as I understand it, originally Ken and Ryu?s hadoken specials were supposed to representations of their Chi, focused into a single high powered attack. ?Hadoken? supposedly translates roughly into something like ?force wave,? and in the original art, you can see phantom representations of their hands in the projectile. I believe that what the happened was that for the most part, your typical westerner arcade customer wasn?t familiar with the concept of Chi in that day and age, so these attacks were generally referred to as fireballs. At some point during the series, Ryu actually started throwing fireballs, and Ken developed the flaming dragon punch. As part of Sheng Long?s design, I tried to explain these phenomena. So my idea was that at higher levels of enlightenment, these karate master guys would start to take on aspects of ?the dragon? as it suited their fighting style. Sheng Long was to be so advanced, he actually started to physically manifest dragon like attributes. Seeing as the words ?Sheng Long? were actually a translation of ?Dragon Punch? it seemed to make sense that his dragon manifestation would appear in his punching arm. The arm was green and scaly, with several horns protruding from it?s length. His fingers had fused together into 2 larger claws. Capcom signed off, and we were all set to create my Sheng Long!

    The practical execution of Sheng Long went fairly well too. One of our artists served as the actor on the digitizing set as he was into body building and martial arts. The outfit was pretty simple: Black Gi pants, and a custom tailored top. The sash across his eyes was actually a mesh so that he could see while acting, but still appeared blindfolded. We hired a professional make up artist to do the hair, moustache, and arm effects. The arm looked pretty good, for the most of the shoot. Digitizing sessions typically lasted for 6 hours on average and after all of that time under the hot lights, the make up of the arm started to melt. By the end, green make up was running everywhere, and the horns were barely clinging to the actor?s arm. But it held up pretty well, all considered. (Fun fact: The artist that played Sheng Long went on to work at Midway games, where he has been creating characters for Mortal Kombat!0

    Naturally, he was supposed to play like your typical Ken/Ryu character with some super Akuma style extras, as far as I recall. One major difference however was that he wouldn?t have typical block animations. Instead, the idea was that Sheng Long was so advanced, that you could never hit him unless you scored an unguarded attack. Sure, you would play him like a regular character with ?back? on the stick putting your character on the defensive, but when blocking, the animation would look like a dodge instead of a traditional Street Fighter block. All of the game play would be the same, with block slide kicking in and all that, but Sheng would appear to have stepped out of the way of the attack. Would it have worked? I like to think so, but I was afraid that it broke SF convention too much, so we digitized two full sets of blocking animations so we had a back up plan: traditional and dodge style blocking anims. Looking back, we broke just about every other SF convention, so would it have really mattered? I guess we?ll never know.

    In the end, Sheng Long never made it into the game, and my grand designs for what was to be a near divine fighting game experience never saw the screen. Due to time constraints, we never were able to process the artwork. All of this stuff was burnt off to CD. I hope it still survives somewhere in the vaults of Incredible Technologies. I?d love to see that footage again.
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    I love this thread, and anoon sftm is my guilty pleasure. i even made a combo vid for it, gotta dig it up. Bless my vid! :rofl:
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    I love this thread, and anoon sftm is my guilty pleasure. i even made a combo vid for it, gotta dig it up. Bless my vid! :rofl:

    I would like to see that.
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    well I am at work right now, I made the vid in 2k2 but it was filled with a bunch of glitches and good fun. I always wanted to make another one, I would just blaze and play sftm for hours in mame, best single player fighting game ever with KI in a close second
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    Anoon - Wow, your response to the whole Blade / Gunloc ordeal was much more than I expected. What you said about Sheng Long is great too. THANK YOU! :tup:
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    I thought, when this movie was first coming out, that CoJ's president was supposed to have a part in the movie. I assumed that Sawada was him for some reason.
    O Hadoken!
    |=( -O)

    Cool nintendo av not by me :-(. Found it on the net.
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