KOF XV | How do you think it will be?

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After KOF XIV it looks like SNK's still going to support that game for a while, they've said they'll focus on bringing back other franchises for this time.

But soon or later, a KOF XV will have to come out.

KOF XIV is a huge game with a huge character roster, specially for being the "first chapter" of a new saga, how do you think XV will top that?

Are they going to keep the same playstyle or they'll try to go with something new or more experimental for this chapter?

As they're adding potential new members for previous teams (like Whip and Yamazaki), do you think they'll go back to the idea of 4-people teams? Or just split the current teams and bring new formations?

According to the story, several characters have been resurrected, what open the floodgates for more classic characters to come back (New Faces Team and Ash Teams, for sure), how many fan favorites do you think they'll bring back?

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