Mr Wizard, Please ban LTG from EVO

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How many signatures do we need to get LTG ban from EVO?


  • TKRTKR Inventor of Toe Socks Joined: Posts: 148
    I will sign that.

    What is LTG.
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    Unless there is something I don't know, there's no reason to ban LTG. Piece of shits still have a right to play fighting games and not have sjw heroes trying to pre emptively ban them cause they cause some form of mental distress for merely existing.

    If you don't like LTG don't interact with him outside of playing a tournament game against him if you have to.
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  • Xandra71Xandra71 halp im 5'4 someone please get me a stool so i can actually witness the match Joined: Posts: 6
    I strongly dislike LTG but he hasn't really done anything to warrant being banned. Sure, he's super salty on stream and Twitter and sure, he talks trash about everyone and their mothers every day of the week, but until he does something that results in a ban like, say, he threatens someone at a tournament or at EVO with physical violence, he technically still has the right to attend. My advice is to just avoid him if you don't like him.
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    Who's LTG?
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