RE:KOF XIV 2.0 Fireball unblockable bug

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A response to a video suggesting the existence of projectile unblockables

Initially I thought this is just another hiccup of KOFXIV and nothing to get agitated about. So I commented that what was showcased was akin to Dhalsim setups for projectile crossups and not a legitimate bug. The reply I got (in broken english of course) from the uploader suggested otherwise, that it was a real bug since doing the same maneuvers in XIII would not result in projectile crossups/unblockables.

My answer to that:
gaagaa wrote:
You can't just compare this game to previous ones!
Unlike SF4, which was very close to its older iterations in terms of mechanics (except for graphics), KOFXIV is very different and far from the 94~02~XI~XIII KOF games that more or less used the same engine.
I'm guessing since they used their own game engine for XIV (bad idea), they had to rewrite a lot of their functionalities to meet 3D requirements. I wouldn't bet that they implemented collision detection, physics, and simulation(oouhh) properly... or even just a bit at all. It's basically a new game - a rushed, poorly made one I might add.
Many of these mechanics result in quirky/bizarre/odd behavior anyway. So for me everything looks pretty much like a bug. But despite me thinking that, this doesn't seem to be a the case, more like a flaw in how the game deals with two concepts: proximity block and blockstun.

Let's take the example of Mai vs Andy. 1st attempt Andy blocks the fan facing left, then has enough time to turn around and block Mai's second attack, finally he blocks the bouncing fan without turning thanks to blockstun. In the 3rd attempt, Mai makes a crossup on Andy. Of course he's going to be hit.
2nd attempt is where the weirdness at. Andy does not have time to turn and block Mai's dive from the right but he definitely should have blocked it because (according to XIII logic) he has yet to recover from blockstun of first attack.


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    Even though uploader said it's impractical in the description, the Mai example sure looks like it can be done to your opponent when they choose not to recover from knockdown. Then there is Mature's EX projectile setup. It deals 2hits (maybe more not sure), has short recovery, and is slow enough for her to dash and cross to the other side.

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    Is this still present in 2.01?
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    >Unlike SF4, which was very close to its older iterations in terms of mechanics


    Also projectile unblockables aren't a new thing for KOF.
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