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Vtriggers on hit/block.

MaravillaMaravilla Joined: Posts: 344
Hi, so I have a noob question. I know that vtrigger cancels on hit give you enough advantage to follow up with a combo, for example ryus cr.hp canceled into vtrigger on hit lets you follow up with say hk etc. so my questions are:
1. Are all vtriggers the same as in they give you the same advantage on hit? Like karins is the same as ryus etc?
2. What about on block? Say for example if I'm Ryu and I do a cr.hk and they block it but I cancel the blocked sweep into vtrigger am I plus? Negative?even? I mean I've done that and it seems I'm always plus or at least safe but I've seen people cancel blocked moves/normals into vtrigger but they get thrown or jabbed out of, so how does this work?


  • UltimateChocolateUltimateChocolate Joined: Posts: 40
    so the way players are becoming safe on block is they are using V-trigger to cancel form unsafe blocked moves so became safe or less punishable. So lets say everyone's sweep is unsafe, most likely it is, but it has a good amount of block stun but you can still be punished for it. i would v-trigger to make it safe because you can usually recover from v-trigger faster than your sweep on block. some VT are not safe, i dont play sf5 as much but like i remember being punished as for going into v-trigger from doing an unsafe move really close to someone. but if did the same move at max range i would most likely become safe. Some trigger takes longer to recover from like Birdie's because i have to do the animation where he spits fire, where Ryu, Cammy or Chun-li just performs a little pose. Sometimes it better to cancel from vt to get punished less by a small combo than to get hit by a crush counter combo.

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