Questions about new arcade stick build

daimdaimsandaimdaimsan Joined: Posts: 5
so i have finally managed to order and receive all the electronics and parts for the build. but havn't been able to design the case properly.... so here's a few questions

1.) i have decided to go for an acrylic/plexi case as i live in a place where i have cheap and easy access to CNC service providers. but i have difficulty designing the vector images for that. can someone show me an example build or possibly give me the vector images if you've built one yourself?

2.) let's say i try to design the vectors on my own, how do you think i can open the PNG files that you can download from SLAGCOIN in inkscape to it's real size (dimensions)?

3.) any ideas on how to make an acrlylic/plexi sick heavier?


  • DarksakulDarksakul Your lack of faith disturbs me Joined: Posts: 24,243
    Answer for #3 use metal weights.
    I seen people use iron and even lead weights to make their acrylic/Plexy sticks heavier.
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    ZINC-coated steel BBs work too...assuming you can enclose them safely within the interior of the stick.
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