Why 'Infinite' and not '4'?

MageggMagegg Joined: Posts: 3,556
What's the reason of the change of title?

Do you think it's because it breaks the progression of the series by bringing back 2-characters teams?

Can it be considered a spinoff/detour?

Is it because of the new "DLC/constant updates" model?

Is there going to be a "MvC4" eventually?


  • PSYCH0J0SHPSYCH0J0SH Joined: Posts: 4,984
    Probably because Capcom wants to reboot it already.
  • MageggMagegg Joined: Posts: 3,556
    PSYCH0J0SH wrote: »
    Probably because Capcom wants to reboot it already.
    How a "reboot"? It's not like these games have a story or continuity...
  • JoprarisJopraris I´m lovin´ it Joined: Posts: 19
    Infinite DLC's XD
  • RubedoRubedo #RalenzoHasNoSoul Joined: Posts: 128
    Reboot, Dan Slott had to stupid idea of killing off MvC's version of Spider-Man.
  • ZatalconZatalcon Most hated man on SRK Joined: Posts: 1,731 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    because you are very ugly
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