Marvel seems to have realized it. X-Men are back in Action! We might get some in the game!

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That theme is orgasmic to my ears.

Some Details

Not seeing Psylocke though :( She might make it later. Atleast Gambit is there.
EDIT: She's there alongside Gambit and Wolverine in Astonishing X-Men #1. I'm an idiot sometimes.

IceMan, Jean Grey and Cable (all who have been MVC characters) each getting their own solo comics.

Marvel finally coming to their senses? If they are giving X-Men so much love we might see them.

Problem is... roster is probably decided at this point. However... due to this resurgence of X-Men, I would expect the coming 3 Seasons to be filled with a lot of X-Men due to their total absence supposedly in base roster. If we are lucky. We might even get about 2 in base roster. Then more of the fan fav X-Men like Psylocke, Gambit etc as DLC.
I could use an MVCI X-Men trailer showing Cyclops with that theme right about now.
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