So, what are everyone's thoughts on Injustice 2 so far?

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I personally didn't spend much time with the first Injustice, but over the past few months, I've put a *TON* of time into Mortal Kombat X, which is a far more technical fighter than I've ever given that series credit for. The last Fighter I ever really got into was the original release of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

So far... I dunno. It feels a little underwhelming. The production values of the Story and animations are fantastic, but so far, I feel like it's lacking an element of skill. Maybe I just need to spend more time with it, but the combos seem really shallow. I don't really see any way to string more than like 3 basic attacks and a special attack into a combo. I know "infinite-loops" are kind of a no-no in today's Fighting game scene, but it's disconcerting to not be able to find any real "combos", beyond 3-hit string attacks.

But I'm curious what you guys' and gals' impressions are so far? Have any of you had any luck chaining combos together?


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    It's a cool game that has some pretty fun things. Zoning is fun, and messing with the interactables is always something I've enjoyed. Just play around with it more and see if it grows on you.

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    Moved to the Injustice forum. :tup: : My giant archive of fighting game videos, centered around MvC2.
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    It's fun. Much like MKX, there is a lot to absorb at first. Zoning and juggling are a big part of the gameplay.
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    Not feeling it. Probably won't play it much. Just gonna side Tekken 7 til Marvel hits.

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    the fights are cooler back and forth instead of rollercoaster combos resulting in more lopsided matches. exaggerated combos spoiled the genre.

    the combo system is more true to DC Universe fight flow, and Im glad clashes return
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    I thought the game felt sluggish but it's fun. Apparently the games has 6 frames of lag (100ms)

    Why are fighting game developers putting out games with such high frame lag?
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    There's a lot of holes in strings. I play arrow and only 2 of his strings don't have holes. I've heard from other players that other characters have a lot of holes as well. In most cases they only allow enough time for anything active on frame 1 to interrupt like supers, back dashes, batman parry and frame 1 armor like bane. I'm going to look into characters with good long range back dashes and see how well they can escape strings.
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    It's fun and some of the characters are really unique.
    I am glad that I found a character I really enjoy playing.
    And this time around it's not a keep away character.
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    Game is great and I'm really enjoying it. I actually like long juggle combos, zoning, and one player games in general. Ironically Catwoman is who I've enjoyed the most so far.
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    NRS has been outdoing their selves by steadily improving their stuff and making some risky design.

    IJ2 is roughly the original Ij game with additions and modify mechanics. Injustice is heavily a neutral controlling game hence why zoning is prevalent unlike the other NRS Game MK where offensive is very strtong. Not to say Injustice doesnt have strong offense such as 50/50, and pressure but better tamed in IJ series due to option to counter them.(pusblock, backdash,3 amours, ect)

    Meter burn air recovery lets player get out of juggle combo by flipping out with some invincibility. Their two types neutral and back recovery. One good for forcing whiffs while another to avoid set ups. These mechanics help address some of the combo lead into strong mix upjiggle, and conditioner aggressor to be mindful how they approach combos.

    Meter burn roll adress the lackluster movement option some charactters had, but it has wide range of usage due to it being universal movement option that carries invicbility and can potential cross up in game where autocorrect/traking is lacking. Thsi is mechanics is pretty paramount in any footie hard game.

    Finally they streamline character traits from being either buffs in states or commands or having summons. While this design does stifle creativity and make cast seem homogenize. For competitive balance stanpoint, it is a wise decision as some gimmicks were underwhelming, or plan useless in the grand scheme of things. By having hero trait streamline they can make sure each one as sensible purpose.

    These changes alone improves ij2 even though it has alot more going on but these changes is what makes ij2. Improving on the foundation without making too many compromises and adding more.
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    I have been enjoying Injustice 2 quit a bit. I think that the mother box system is triggering the same part of my brain that like opening Magic: the Gathering booster packs. -_-
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