Questions regarding inputs on a Arcade Stick(Tekken 7 Related)

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So I'm using a TE2+ and I'm in practice mode. Say I want to do 1+2, is it abnormal to not execute it properly 100% of the time. Like, sometimes it executes various inputs when just pressing 1+2 in the command history:

1, 1+2 = Fails to just execute 1+2 (mostly get this one to show)
1, 1+2, 1 = Fails
1, 1+2, 2 = Fails
1+2, 2 = Succeeds but is the second input afterwards normal?

This goes for other dual inputs(throws). I either get an additional input before or after the dual input. If it is before, the move will fail to execute. If it is after, the move will succeed but I don't want that additional input.

Does that mean there's a problem with the button's microswitches?


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    tekkens inputs are like that. I'm using a HRAP 4 modified with a Korean stick. But when pressing b/db , I'll get multiple dbs or multiple downs, same with the buttons. Tekken is very timing specific. You have to hit the buttons/stick at the perfect moment for it to register what you want done in the game. Take the Mishima Electric Wind Godfist for example. the input for that is forward, neutral, Down forward and the punch button (I think 2). But the thing is, for it to come out as a full Electric, you have to press the punch within 1 frame of the down forward. There are 60 frames per second. That means 1 frame is around 16.67 milliseconds, since there are 1000 milliseconds in a second (1000/60fps). think about how quick that is. Tekken is like that in that 16.67 milliseconds in the time it takes to hit two buttons with two different fingers can be the difference between doing something right and doing it wrong. Just keep practicing and you'll get it down. It just takes practice.
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    U can map multiple button inputs like 1+2 to a single button if u need 2
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    In Tekken you can use input buffering.
    Just hold 1, then press 3 while you still hold 1.
    You'll get a 1+3.

    So if you want jab check somebody and want to perform a forward reaching throw afterwards, you press forward and hit 1 for the jab, hold both the forward and 1 down, and hit 3.

    You can also do this by holding 2 buttons down, in the case of various command grab chains to make it easier for you to execute.

    In general, you're fucking up your inputs though. I doubt that your problem has anything to do with the buttons themselves.
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    this shit happens to all PS4 sticks, dont believe the stupid "it is the operator's error" bs, getting sick that stupid ass reply from people, i've been playing on arcade sticks for a decade and played over 35,000 matches in online mode for tekken 6 and TTT2, so its so annoying when people are saying crap like "oh its your problem, not the stick" when ive found multiple forum posts regarding this problem
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    Well, it's the operator's error.
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    Just keep practicing man. There is the buffering you have to know to be efficient. But if what you are doing can't be buffered into, you need to be able to hit multiple buttons at once. Pressing two buttons in Tekken is no harder than pressing two buttons in NRS games, or even Street Fighter.

    Go into practice mode, put your button log on and just practice hitting multiple buttons together and you will see where you are messing up. You might be pressing to slow. That's a common problem. Note: slow doesn't mean soft and fast doesn't mean hard.
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