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Room split @ Luxor for EVO 2017

VirusHunterVirusHunter Cool guyJoined: Posts: 21
edited June 2017 in Evo Championship Series
Hey guys I'm planning to book a room at the Luxor from July 12th (Wed) to the 18th (Tues) for Evo and I'm lookin for some guys to share the room with to save some money. The hotel is right next to Mandalay Bay where the event will be and there's also a free monorail that goes between the Luxor and the two hotels north of it.
The price for the room would range between $310-$385 USD per person depending on how many people are in there (Up to four, more people = lower cost per person)

I don't have any personal preferences, just looking to have a fun time in Vegas and get stomped in various video games
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  • chupacabrachupacabra Joined: Posts: 4
    Are you still looking for room split or anyone in particular yet very interested and willing to pay upfront if needed PayPal or cash app hmu for details k1k @ chupacabra01
  • VirusHunterVirusHunter Cool guy Joined: Posts: 21
    One more spot available if anyone's interested!
  • thatonetrashcan99thatonetrashcan99 Joined: Posts: 1
    edited July 2017
    Hey can I take you up on the extra spot?
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  • VirusHunterVirusHunter Cool guy Joined: Posts: 21
    Room's full now. Thanks everyone!
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