They need to Fix Mega Man X.



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    I wouldn't reboot his kit but add onto it.

    1 Give him a seperate mobile charge by holding any button,
    2 Chargable moves during Armor utilizing the mobile charge but zoning and projectile based mostly as compared to Zero's which are melee move extensions.
    3 4 More special weapons. 3 in air for QCB+K, QCB+P and QCF+K and one on ground for D,D+HK. Have all 8 have alternate chargable versions in Armor mode. Allow Air ones to cancel into air ones.
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    It’s been one month since the game is released and yup, the problems with X are clear by now.

    X represents mvci really well actually. Rushed and unpolished.
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    Mega Man X needs a buff
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