What are the PROS and CONS of Tekken 7 vs SF V?

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Have not played Tekken 7. Looking into buying it. After a while of the game being out there, I wanted to know what you guys think of the game compared to SF v.
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    Well Tekken is more of a Picasso painting, SFV is like Leonardo painting but needs more shape.....and lining
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    It's hard to compare them, because they are so different. But these are the "general" pros and cons compared to SFV imo:

    Tekken 7 Pros:

    - developer more in touch with the community
    - ranking system seems more reasonable
    - more stages
    - slightly better netcode (but that is debatable)
    - bigger cast of characters
    - easier to jump online and just have fun with

    Cons compared to SFV:

    - no Tutorial mode
    - no Replays
    - no weekly missions
    - harder to "master" a character
    - probably less players online in the long run
    - game was available in Asia for 2 years now, this could lead to a stale tournament situation for the next few months (Asia dominating etc.)
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    Neclord wrote: »
    - game was available in Asia for 2 years now, this could lead to a stale tournament situation for the next few months (Asia dominating etc.)

    Honestly they were better than the west in the first place.
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    Naeras wrote: »
    Neclord wrote: »
    - game was available in Asia for 2 years now, this could lead to a stale tournament situation for the next few months (Asia dominating etc.)

    Honestly they were better than the west in the first place.

    But that is because that situation arises with every release.
    I mean sure on top of that the game stays popular in Korea for whatever reason and that's most likely the main reason why these guys are so good, but it's kind of understandable that the international players fall back even more, when they have to play the previous version 2 years longer than their Asian counterparts, on every release.
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    Neclord wrote: »
    Cons compared to SFV:
    - harder to "master" a character

    That's a plus in my opinion.
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    SFV's tutorials are so bad you should just cross them off from the cons.
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    PROS: Tekken 7 is good.

    CONS: Street Fighter V, is not good.

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    Pros : Developers listening to community and quickly addressing issues

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    For this pile of hate, I give him a lol
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    He's got some points, but it's hard to get to them when you already want to quit reading after he lists survival mode and connections as a positive in SFV.
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    Im still kinda stuck on "dated animations" being a con for tekken. Like how many years you been watching ryu's fireball animation bitch ass nigga?
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    I think being Fluid and allowing for way more on the fly stuff is Tekkens biggest strength to me.
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    The biggest difference is that getting good at Tekken is that it is a very reactive game always played at relatively close range, while SF is a proactive game that can be played from anywhere across the screen (Maybe SFV not that much).

    In Tekken a big part of each character is punishable realistically in one way or another. Most moves are unsafe on block, lots of strings can be ducked or low parried and moves have many recovery frames, making it possible to realistically punish most moves on whiff.
    That makes it necessary to learn all those moves and the hardest punishes for all those scenarios and then get real match experience to hammer those punishes really down, to even get proficient at the game.
    While on a high level that shit isn't that important anymore because people play very poke heavy not using all that unsafe shit quite as much anymore.

    Street Fighter on the other hand has a very low percentage of the movelist being punishable, moves come out faster making prediction and conditioning a must to even have a chance of whiff punishing even the slowest of moves and the game gives you the option to play from full screen (again SFV not so much).
    So the speed and properties of the moves in Street Fighter makes playing offensive easier and punishing behaviors of you opponents is something you do ahead of time instead of reacting to them. For example throwing a fireball when you notice that your opponent like to move forward after you backdash or likes to whiff buttons, or buffering uppercuts in anticipation of the jump in you just set up with your fireballs.

    They also have vastly different learning curves and first appearances on new players.
    Tekken hides its complexity to noobs by having seemingly braindead easy strings that look totally op if used against another noob.
    The game looks fluid and easy to play when you first start out.
    As soon as you get a basic understanding of the game, it feels overwhelming as hell though as you realize you have this huge library of information you have to dig through and memorize on top of the execution requirements needed to whiff punish and move properly.

    In SF you look like a complete piece of shit though and can't do combos for shit when you start out. You feel instantly intimidated by the execution requirements that are presented to you early on (uppercuts and 2x qcf motions are really tough for new players on top of links), but if you stick through that you're presented with a much smoother learning experience than Tekken.

    So basically the games have different strengths and weaknesses.
    If you prefer reactive and defensive games that rely on tactics and the flow of the moment, Tekken is probably your thing.
    If you like proactive, aggressive games where long terms strategy is a bigger part of the game, SF is your game.

    Both are cool games, I just think that SFV shot itself in the foot by taking away a lot of the full and 2/3 screen archetypes that made the game so much different from 3d fighters. Now you gotta stand in Tekken ranges all the time, without having the same punishment tools as Tekken, which makes the close up game feel random as fuck.

    I'm just talking about core gameplay aspects. I feel both game's single player content is beyond ass.
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