Stick Execution ( Early Movement )

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Hey all,

As I train certain combos in SFV, there is a question that keeps popping into my mind. Basically, the question comes up as I go from one move to another, where I need to change stick positions. I am playing Bison, so for example a simple combo is:

S. MP, D. MP, MP Inferno ( QCB )

As I go from one move to the next, I need to move the stick. The S. MP needs to start at N, B, or F, the D. MP needs start at DB, D, or DF, the QCB needs to start at D,DB,B. I must have the stick in position before I press my button. So should I:

1) Move the stick into the next position *just before* I press the next button?
2) Move the stick into the next position *immediately* after pressing the previous button?

I can kinda see reasoning both ways. With method 1, the timing stays more together. With method 2, I am less likely to be out of position with my stick. Also, since I am playing Bison, it gives me more time to charge on combos that require it.

Anybody have thoughts on which way to go?


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    Or press the directions and buttons at the same time. It's personal preference, people do whatever they're most comfortable with. Ideally in a perfect execution world unless you're charging you want to go back to neutral, but if you're playing Bison or another charge character that's not much of an option, and it takes a lot of dexterity to keep returning to neutral.

    In this example you would press, then d+mp at the same time, and then quickly follow with the qcb. So three steps,, d+mp > d/b > b+mp. You can possibly even buffer the mp and release the qcb on negative edge, if SFV has it. It's creating short cuts, you try and reduce the combo to as few inputs as possible, unless it requires something really intricate.
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    Yeah. I think my natural preference is pressing at the same time but the problem is, sometimes I am a bit late when I do that. I can eventually get the timing down, but everything is shot once I switch to using a charge special instead of a motion special. For instance, that combo could also be:

    S. MP, D. MP, MK Scissors ( Charge B->F )

    And switching between the two combo enders has really been melting my brain. That's one reason I am considering a "hold the direction ASAP" rule of thumb, to make it more consistent.

    The negative edge suggestion is interesting though ( SFV does have it ), that would eliminate a lot of sychronizing... I should try that when cancelling special into super, which I always have trouble timing right. Thanks!
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    Do you use a square gate or octagonal gate? The shorter throw distance is better for charge characters imo, so I'd reccommend a square gate in your stick. If pad then ignore that, but I do recommend a stick for charge characters.

    For a combo like that maybe first try d/,, f+k if a combo like that works, or d/b.lp, b.lp, b.lp, f+k, it's easier to do and would get you used to using the side wall of the gate to maintain the charge, and practice switching between crouching and standing position.

    That's the technique you need to practice, it's a nuance of charge characters to do standing charge combos. I find it hard as well, but ten minutes in training you can understand it, then you just need to keep practicing it.

    Eventually swap the charge position around. Press both b+mp at the same time, while maintaining the charge on the gates wall slide the stick into the d/b position and link into d/, and then into f.k.

    I'm probably stating the obvious but I hope that helps.
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